Book reading activity at Cahit Zarifoğlu Primary and Secondary School

A book reading activity was held at Adıyaman Cahit Zarifoğlu Primary and Secondary School to enable students to effectively benefit from libraries and acquire reading habits as part of Library Week, which will be held between March 28 and April 1 of this year is celebrated.

Students greeted Governor Mahmut Çuhadar with flowers when he arrived at Cahit Zarifoğlu’s school to attend the book reading events program organized as part of Library Week.

Governor Mahmut Çuhadar, Provincial Director of National Education Ramazan Aşçı, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Günaydın, Director of Provincial Public Library Filiz Karabulut, Officer-Sen and Eğitim-Bir-Sen Provincial President Ali Deniz, teachers, students and their families attended the event .

In the program, which began with a sketch show, the students read poetry, a folk song festival and a folk dance show.

Governor Mahmut Çuhadar stated that the last week of March is celebrated in our country every year as “Library Week” in order to encourage our children and youth to master reading, increase love for books and use libraries effectively, and said: “Libraries are cultural houses in which the knowledge of mankind is preserved and passed on to future generations. Books, on the other hand, are tools that broaden our horizons, raise our cultural level and reflect the deep-rooted history of civilizations. To do this, we must at our To awaken a love for books in children and young people and to get them used to using libraries. To this end, as the state administration, we are building a modern library in our state in order to prepare our children and young people well-equipped for the future. We will continue our library, which is located in is in the completion phase and as the first intelligent building of ours Province was built at the service of our people in the coming days.

The program ended with Governor Mahmut Çuhadar presenting awards to the students who ranked in the composition, poetry and painting competition organized as part of Libraries Week.

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