Book splurge – Abbas Güçlü

One of President Erdogan’s greatest dreams, from day one of his entry into politics until now, was to have school textbooks, provided free by the state, on every student’s desk when they come to school.

It’s been done for a very long time. Just as we are one of the few countries with a Children’s Day, we are one of the countries that provide free textbooks to nearly 20 million students.

Not content with that, it seems, we will be distributing 100 million supplemental textbooks by the end of the year, especially to students preparing for exams.

The topic has many different dimensions. We put our signature under a great project, but on the other hand there are some contradictions that cause controversy.

We are sure that President Erdogan would be very upset if he heard that some of the textbooks given by the state at great sacrifice were thrown away without opening the envelope because they were insufficient. Likewise, I’m sure it bothers him to turn to supplementary books when there are main books. Because his dream was to prepare the books that everyone needs, whether they have money in their pockets or not, and offer them to students for free.

Before going into the details of the subject, let’s first take a look at the Ministry of National Education’s statement on the sourcebooks:

Many helpful resources such as worksheets, fascicles, study questions, competency-based tests, LGS examples, and YKS study questions continue to be published regularly each month to meet the additional resource needs of students at all educational levels.

These funds are intended to cover the students’ need for free aids. In this regard, the Ministry of National Education has so far distributed 24 million supplemental resource books to students.

After the helpful resources sent were welcomed by students and teachers, MEB took another step for students who will join LGS and YKS.

MEB, which has created LGS and YKS workbooks to support students, has begun distributing 12 million of these books to 8th and 12th graders free of charge.

By the end of 2022, we will distribute 100 million supplemental resource books to our students.

The Ministry of National Education alone distributes 100 million resource books annually. Well, is that all? Under no circumstance.

It should come as no surprise when the number of sourcebooks published by private publishers reaches one billion!

The number of textbooks that almost every student preparing for the exams buys out of their own pocket is much higher than what the state gives. Then the question arises: Why are there still different textbooks and publications on aids needed if the state is making all kinds of sacrifices for them?

The answer is very clear: auditing industry!

If only the money spent on this race, which only benefits a certain group, could be used to improve education…

Summary of the summary: Nobody should have the right to shadow big projects!

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