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WALL – The 66th issue of the monthly culture, art and literature magazine Yeni e has been published. In its new issue, entitled “Record of War: Art, History and Media,” the magazine examines how art and media chronicled the war through the Russian attack on Ukraine, historical records sometimes justified as war, and the Remembering the war War in general.

Aydın Çubukçu, Nuray Sancar, Emre Tansu Keten and Nedim Yılmaz are among the authors of the Record of War: Art, History and Media file. The cover of the magazine features a painting by the German artist Otto Dix showing two soldiers injured in World War I.

In addition to the file, Asya Özenç, in the May issue of Yeni e, in her article entitled “The Story of a Social Murder Saying I’m Coming”, explored the phenomenon of “gender” through the work of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, translated into Turkish with the title “Red Monday”. Ulaş Töre Sivrioğlu also discussed how the disappointment of bourgeois civilization in society brightened the praise of the Middle Ages. October Deniz Akarslan assessed Isadora Duncan’s approach to art and dance through her revolutionary attitude towards the system and patriarchy.

Nazlı Toprak wrote the jazz biographies featured in her article titled “Listen to yourself jazz musicians”. In a new issue, Ohannes Şaşkal introduced the readers to the biography and selected poems of the Armenian poetess Yeghişe Charents. In his article titled The Encyclopedia of Lost Pieces, Olcay Bağır wrote the legendary historical tales of names like CHE, Mimar Sinan and Erol Taş.

Okay Taşlı’s essay entitled “The Sun Hanging From Its Curtain”; Mahmut Temizyürek, his article entitled “Turning into a Dülger Fish”; Zekeriya Şimşek, on the other hand, was featured in the new issue of the magazine with his article “An African Sage: Julius K. Nyerere”. With the poems of Arif Berberoğlu, Osame Yordam, İsmail Güney Yılmaz, Elif Ahi, Hayati Baki, Nurgül Özlü, Servan Erdinç and A. Nail Deniz; With the stories of Deniz Yıldız, Sevda Müjgan Yüksel, İlyas Tunç and Fatih Parlak; With the drawings by Ohannes Şaşkal; Ercan Koç, on the other hand, has taken his place on the pages of the May issue of the magazine with his photographic contribution.

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