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2022.04.16 06:30

The 41st Istanbul Film Festival started on April 8th and will last until April 20th. I can say that it is a festival filled with a wide selection, valuable films and the latest films from master directors.

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I was very curious about how the epidemic period ended, and all the developments in the world that followed, the change in human mood, the strangeness of thought practices in the minds of artists through fiction, documentaries, and experiments came to expression. And I can say that this is a festival full of wonderful selections, films more valuable than the rest and the latest films from master directors. The 41st Istanbul Film Festival started on April 8th and will last until April 20th. Movies I have seen as of the date of this writing include Sonne, Peter Von Kant, Until Tomorrow, Human Things, Sunset, Nitram, Look Alive, Sailor of the Mountains, Coma, The Good Boss, Four Walls and Kerr. First I would like to address the ones that you can still catch in the remaining days of the festival by briefly filtering them and supplementing them with the screening dates.


There are names of young directors that interest us and that we follow, Michel Franco is one of them for me. I was amazed at the steely determination he displayed in the finale of his film Chronic and spoke to him about it at the Golden Orange where the film Abril’s Daughters was showing. Franco continues his provocative filmography with his latest film “Sundown” and in this film he once again collaborates with the famous actor Tim Roth. How a well-written screenplay can become a powerful weapon in cinema! It takes a good director and narrator like Franco to tell a light subject with a clever plot. Also, I couldn’t get enough of seeing the mysterious existentialism and weirdness of Tim Roth’s performance in the film (April 20). In my opinion, Bertrand Bonello’s “Coma” is one of the must-sees of the festival.

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The film, which you can tell at every moment that it was made by a good artist, flows like a piece of the infinity of experimental cinema. This work that makes you feel like you are at the film festival is also included in the National Competition section. This film, awarded the Berlin FIPRESCI Prize in 2022, offers an immersive experience of a place interwoven with fantasy, between dream and reality, reflecting the mood and concerns about the world during the pandemic period and breaking spiritual resistances pierced. With Coma, Bonello created a trilogy with Nocturama (2016) and Zombie Boy (2019) (16, 17 N).


Human Things (The Accusation) is a film that sits in an interesting place by discussing what happens when the son of a radical feminist woman is accused of rape. Titled “Declaration of Women is Essential”, “Metoo”, “Feminism” and “Social Media” in the French courtroom, this film strongly emphasizes the responsibility of the judiciary within the law. Political pundit Vater and the radical feminist writer couple try to show that the ideologies of mainstream media, social media and the judiciary, in which a couple’s model son is accused of rape, should be reinterpreted in a way.

Adapted from Karine Tuil’s novel by French director Yvan Attal, the film is an outstanding drama (16 N) that makes the viewer think differently with its intense and well-written courtroom scenes. “The Good Boss” (El buen patrón), Madrid-based screenwriter-director Fernando Léon De Aranoa, who began his career in 1994 with the short film Sirenas and made a name for himself with the film Sunny Mondays, which represented Spain in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars. This film, which almost won the Goya Awards that year, so to speak, entered the hard waters by making humor the lifebuoy and successfully managed to swim to shore with glee. The director, who tells the story of a group of shipyard workers in Sunny Mondays with Javier Bardem, has again collaborated with Javier Bardem to describe the work, communication and productivity processes between employer and employee with a sharp comedy.

We can say that the director, holding his camera to both sides, concluded that there is a great connection between the power of storytelling and humor and “good and evil”, even though they are opposite values. While showing where the moral values ​​and boundaries of capitalist bosses begin and end, the film also questions whether pro-worker bosses are really as helpful as they sound and presents an allegorical portrayal of a capitalist society that is ready for anything to protect his capital. The film, which can be serious and funny and absurd and realistic at the same time, is a wonderful Spanish film with its flowing rhythm and Bardem’s splendour. (16, 17, 18, 20N).


Ali Asgari’s second feature film, Until Tomorrow (The Baby), premiered at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival. The film, which narrates the experiences of young Ferishtah raising her illegitimate child in Iran by hiding from her family while looking for a place to take care of her baby for a day, reveals the dead ends the traditional and strict way of life of the capital Tehran and the injustice created from within by male supremacy. I don’t think Asgari or any male eye can fully reflect the plight of a young Iranian woman raising a baby alone. I would rather see Ferishtah’s courage, determination, inexhaustible resilience and feminine identity from an Iranian director (19 N).

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In closing I have to say that the documentary I am personally looking forward to the most at the festival is the documentary “Koudelka – Crossing the Same River” As I am also a classical archaeologist these two represent A documentary that brings my interests together, represents a unique opportunity for me. In this documentary by Coşkun Aşar, we will observe Koudelka, who has set his camera on ancient cities in Turkey for his project “Ruins”. It’s exciting enough that we witness his perspective on life, philosophy and art. I think you shouldn’t miss it (16 N).


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