First share of Atiye with his wife

Singer Atiye, who led a quiet marriage and became a mother, shared a frame with his wife Erol Sebeci for the first time.

Atiye, who suddenly retired while making a name for herself in the music industry, got married while she was disappearing.

Atiye, who quietly married producer and music director Erol Sebebci in 2020, also hugged their daughter Ferah Feza.

The famous pop singer, who became a happy mother, performed her song “Ses Seda Yok” in front of music lovers after a three-year break.

Atiye, who got married in Germany, preferred to stay away from the cameras with her husband.

The couple, who could not be seen together, captured the hearts of their followers with their sharing on social media.

Atiye and his wife

The 33-year-old beautiful singer shared with her husband for the first time.

Atiye, who posted the frame they took together from her Instagram account, dropped the “Nala & Simba” note.

To Atiye’s post “The expected moment has come”, “We finally saw it”, “You are so beautiful” comments such as

First post from Atiye with his wife #1

First post from Atiye with his wife #2

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