Flash TV ended its broadcast life; Name changed!

Known for its interesting programs and series that have made the history of television, Flash TV announced that it is retiring from broadcasting. The channel, which has been running continuously since 1992, decided to take a break in 2019 and returned to screens in 2021 with a new logo.

Things didn’t go as expected after Flash TV returned. On March 15, a trustee was appointed to the broadcaster for many reasons, such as the stock market crisis among its partners. Publication was discontinued a month later.

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Flash TV gave way to Flash News TV

In Flash TV’s statement, the main reason for the closure is the channel’s boss. Omer Ziya GoktugAfter the death of.

Flash TV logo before shutdown

The channel, unable to find a way to renew its national broadcasting license after partners disagreed in the process, ended its airtime on April 15.

Flash TV’s explanation is as follows:

Our organisation, which has been operating in the field of national broadcasting since 1992 under the name FLASH TV, entered trustee proceedings, depriving it of the necessary governing bodies due to the death of the chairman of the board and the only authorized signatories.

In this process, due to the differences of opinion between the partners, the national broadcasting license could not be renewed, so that it had to end its broadcasting period as of today.

We would like to thank you very much for the interest and support you have shown FLASH TV for many years. It is announced to the public with respect.

According to Cumhuriyet news, after Flash TV’s statement, there was a channel change. As of April 16, Flash TV gave way to Flash News TV. The broadcaster, whose name and logo have also changed, made the following statement on the matter:

Within the framework of the constitutional right to receive news, equidistant from any idea and institution, with the principles of impartial and free broadcasting, the events unfolding in the world and in our country are now transparent and easy on Flash News TV broadcast and right way.

Flash News TV logo

Ending Flash TV’s airtime was also on the social media agenda. Here are the reactions;

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