He made 6 albums and 21 clips in 35 years and failed to achieve fame.

The artist from Şanlıurfa, who made 6 albums and 21 clips on his way as a waiter and was also a close friend of İbrahim Erkal, could not reach the fame he dedicated his life to.

Nezir Yıldırım, who left Şanlıurfa at the age of 13 and worked as a waiter for a while, started making music to become famous after a while. Nezir, who began his music studies, got to know many artists from the art scene in a short time.

Yildirim, whose stage name is Nezir Yenises, met almost all celebrities and artists on this 35-year-old street, made 6 albums and filmed 21 clips. Yenises, who was also a close friend of İbrahim Erkal, failed to achieve the desired momentum on the path to stardom to which he devoted his life. Nezir Yenises, who is still working on his album, has photographs with many famous artists.


Yenises, who after some time began to live in Tekirdağ, still travels frequently to Istanbul and continues to work on new works. 49-year-old Nezir Yenises stated that some artists helped him and composed compositions in Istanbul, while also stating that some great artists did not give in to him when he started this dream.


Yenises, originally from Haliliye district of Şanlıurfa, said that she left Dodaş Taşlıca village at the age of 13 with dreams of becoming a celebrity, saying: “I am originally from Şanlıurfa. I am from Dodaş Taşlıca village in Haliliye. Cevher Kırmızı brought me to Istanbul in 1985. I’ve had a love for art since I was little. I’ve been singing since I was little in elementary school. I attended Arif Sağ’s music course in Istanbul. I met a lot of artists there. I released my first album in collaboration with Seyfi Doğanay. I have been gifting my art to Unkapanı for 40 years. Then I came to Tekirdag. We worked with the late İbrahim Erkal in Kumbağ but he died young. He came here for the cherry festival concerts. He wanted to give me a song, but it wasn’t possible. I’ve made 6 albums, shot 21 clips and my 22nd clip is coming. I composed compositions by Uğur Bayar and Burhan Bayar. I worked with Selami Şahin. I have dedicated 35 years to this job. When I first came to Unkapanı, the great artists of that time didn’t let go of us. We couldn’t get compositions from great composers, they didn’t want to give us compositions. Now the technology has changed. We used to sell cassettes, then CDs came out. Now when you take a clip, it goes on the internet. I’m better now than before. “I’m trying to be famous,” he said. (UAV)

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