His passion for reading is not based on books.

Keskin, who began his passion for reading at the age of 15 with Jack London’s book ‘White Fang’ in his father’s home library, turned into a bookworm at 7 years old.

Keskin, who spends most of his day reading books, aspires to a career in philosophy.

Keskin, a 3rd-year student at Anadolu University’s Faculty of Humanities, Open Faculty of Education, uses her mother and sister’s quota of membership when the books she buys at Gazi Provincial Public Library are not enough for her.

Keskin, trying to make the most of the library, which had to buy 3 books at a time on behalf of one person and return them after a maximum of 15 days, borrowed 678 books for himself and his family in a year, and read them. Not content with that, Keskin downloads books from the Internet in addition to the books she buys from second-hand bookshops.

“The most basic tools of maturation are experience and books”

Keskin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that after the age of 15 he built a world surrounded by books for himself.

Expressing that he spends about 10 hours a day reading, Keskin continued:

“I can feel guilty if I don’t read 50 pages a day, even on my busiest days. It seems like a guilt to life. Everyone should evolve, grow and mature in life. The most basic means of maturing are “Experience and books. I am surprised when I think of a life without books. I don’t know how he can enjoy and enjoy this life without the guidance of books, without the guidance of the wisdom of the elders.”

Expressing that he considers the time he spends in libraries the most important time in his life, Keskin said that before he reads a book, he looks at life through a narrow window.

Noting that he buys most of the books he needs from libraries, Keskin said, “I buy some books from second hand book dealers or download them from the internet. I don’t care if the book is used or not book, its age, its smell touch me a lot. That’s why I can come to the library and buy old books. I couldn’t reach the books, I can look at the books on the internet thanks to PDF,” he said.

Keskin noted that she uses the technique of speed reading and reads mainly philosophy, science, novels and volumes of poetry, and authors’ biographies, and also makes time for her social life.

Keskin added that he is considering returning to Turkey and pursuing an academic career after completing his Masters in Philosophy in Germany.

Members who buy the most books from the library

Miktad Malat, Director of Gazi Provincial Public Library, said they were satisfied with the interest of young people in the book and the library.

Malat explained that Abdullah Keskin is one of the members who buys the most books from its libraries: “If we look at the statistics for 2021, we saw that Abdullah Keskin has read 226 books. His mother and sister are also members. We gave them 452 books.” too. Thank you very much along the way. I believe he will continue to actively use our library.” used the phrases.

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