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Nalan Tokyürek, known as “Of aman Nalan” in 1990s with the songs “Don’t Hold Me”, “Of Aman”, “This is the Name of Love”, was a guest of Armağan Çağlayan’s “Stop Bi Listen”- Program broadcast on YouTube. He also shared the memory of “Cem Uzan” who would be banned in the following years for not taking up the offer.

“I wanted to be a teacher while I was studying at the conservatory,” Tokyürek said. “Zeynep Talu was looking for a soloist for Garo Mafyan. They told me to meet them at Altın Pınar bar. But I didn’t go because I was working in another place. Zeynep Talu also came to the bar where I worked and listened to me. That’s how it all started.”

The singer explained that Garo Mafyan gave him the nickname ‘Of Aman’: “When my first album was released, Garo Abi said, ‘Your name is Of Aman Nalan. You will also be the female version of Ferdi Tayfur. I was expected to sing arabesque music. But I sang Turkish music over pop. That’s why they said for years, “He doesn’t know what style he’s doing”.

“I had a panic attack”
Nalan Tokyürek also mentioned that she suffered from a panic attack between 2013 and 2016: “I couldn’t leave the house for almost a year. When I came out I was shaking and I couldn’t drive. I feel like I’m having a heart attack. I’m not afraid of death either. A year passed with the feeling: “If nothing happens, it will happen to them.” I finally decided to overcome it. I went to the doctor and was treated for panic Then I settled in Bodrum and found peace there.

Explaining that she received an offer from Cem Uzan for her first album that didn’t reach a wide audience, the singer said: “Dear Cem Uzan loves me, I have God, now I love him very much.

Singer Nalan explains why she rejected this offer with these words: It’s too big for me, I was very scared, how should I explain that, I love people too. I admire Sezen Aksu so much that her inside is so beautiful that if I get hurt by something I say hello and run away. I loved him too, maybe I met someone else, the owner of the farm, I was very scared, I ran back because of my cowardice. I have already been promised Istanbul Plak.

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