It’s almost gone! The curly longing of Yeşilçam’s prodigal daughter Smiling Eyes is unrecognizable! Lale Ilgaz surprised with her latest version!

Entry date: 04/15/2022 09:04
Update date: 04/15/2022

Among the films of Adile Naşit and Münir Özkul, Smiling Eyes is undoubtedly one of the first that comes to mind and has taken its place among the unforgettable films of Yeşilçam. The 1977 film Smiling Eyes was watched over and over again by Yeşilçam lovers, in which the characters, brought to life by master names, are carried up to the present and their lines circulate. Actress Lale Ilgaz, who played Hasret, the youngest of Yaşar Usta’s daughters, in the film Smiling Eyes, became commonplace with her performance, which surfaced years later. Curly Longing by Smiling Eyes, Lale Ilgaz, rose to fame with a single film and then faded into obscurity. The last version of Lale Ilgaz, the actress who has wondered for many years, was the event. Here is the latest version of Lale Ilgaz, the longing for smiling eyes, and the changes over the years of the famous names that we have compiled for you …