Jennifer Lopez reveals why she and Ben Affleck split in 2004

US pop star Jennifer Lopez has said her relationship with Ben Affleck, which ended in 2004, was the victim of heavy criticism.

US pop star Jennifer Lopez explained why her love affair with Hollywood star Ben Affleck didn’t work out in the early 2000s. Lopez said she faced “brutal” racist and sexist criticism that “devastated” their relationship.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the singer opened up about the pressures they endure as they try to build a future together.

The couple had been the target of many comedy shows at the time.

In an episode of South Park, Lopez was mocked for his Latino roots and called “the bad ***”. The duo were also mocked in a skit on comedian Conan O’Brien’s show. O’Brien said that if they did a sketch of Lopez, her cleaners would play him.

The famous singer said that he buried all this “too deep” to continue his work.

Lopez expressed the following about her experiences in the early 2000s:

It’s funny because Ben and I used to date and we fell in love so much. It was one of the happiest times of my life.
The singer said their relationship was “ruined from within” and that they were “too young to understand what the most important thing in life is” at the time.

The two got back together last year, and Lopez recently announced her second engagement to Affleck.

The singer also revealed that when Affleck proposed to her for the second time, she was sitting naked in the bathtub. Lopez used the following statements:

On Saturday night, while I was in my favorite place on earth (in a bubble bath), my beautiful love knelt and proposed to me.

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