Kibariye’s daughter escaped without paying the barber! Flash development

Singer Kibariye told the hairdresser in Ataşehir on Tuesday April 12: “I will have my resources removed. He made an appointment by saying, “My daughter will come too. Birgül Küçükbalçık, Kibariye’s daughter, came to the next appointment alone. Birgül Küçükbalçık’s hair was groomed and dyed.

After completing the procedure, which took about 4 hours, he allegedly said, “My mother will make the payment” and ran off without paying. We very much regret such a situation. We’re not going to like it, we’re going to complain,” he said.

He paid off his daughter’s debt of 2,500 lira

After the news that Kibariye’s daughter Birgül Küçükbalçık allegedly ran away from the hairdresser without paying, father Ali Küçükbalçık contacted the business owner. He said there was a misunderstanding here, they wanted to make the payment. Ali Küçükbalçık, who went to the hairdresser’s in the afternoon, paid his daughter the fee of 2,500 lira.


Business owner Fuat Tanış said: “We came to you two days ago with an unfortunate incident. Ms. Kibariye’s wife, Ali Bey, was unaware of such a situation. He heard it on the news too. He came this morning, made the payment. They also expressed that they are very sorry to be associated with such a scandal. Fortunately, the incident was settled.”

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