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“Aydınlıkevler”, which was produced by BKM and combined the pen of Yılmaz Erdoğan with the performance of Demet Akbağ, received wide acclaim at its first screenings and became an unforgettable event with its magnificent gala night.

Performances of “Aydınlıkevler”, Yılmaz Erdoğan’s first play in 20 years, and Demet Akbağ’s return to the theater stage after a 15-year hiatus, continue at Maximum UNIQ Hall to a sold-out box office. While tickets for the April 15th and 23rd games are sold out, the sale of a limited number of tickets for the April 21st-29th games continues. ‘Aydınlıkevler’, which announced the new game dates due to intense audience interest, will be on display at Maximum UNIQ Hall on May 12-13.

“Aydınlıkevler”, which received high praise for the performances by Demet Akbağ, Salih Bademci, Burak Dakak and Sinem Ünsal, carries the audience to the cold nights of Ankara with the atmosphere of the 70s, while on the other hand, it carries the audience to the cold nights from Ankara, all over the world, in every neighborhood, every grandmother and grandchild, tells a timeless, but “always” story from his life.

‘Aydınlıkevler’, which welcomes the public in an old neighborhood from its grocer to its headmaster, from its pastry shop to its glass shop; Hosts of an international crisis with little balls breaking windows and the neighborhood’s new neighbors, the “Americans”.

Demet Akbağ, Salih Bademci, Burak in the cast of “Aydınlıkevler”, directed by Serdar Biliş and produced by Nisan Ceren Özerten, won recognition with the stage design by Cem Yılmazer and original compositions by Tuluğ Tırpan and live music by Mustafa Olgan alongside Dakak and Sinem Ünsal participate Sevda Baş, Nebi Tolga Yılmaz, Barkın Sarp, Ömer Güneş, Caner Alkaya, Kiraz Tosun.

Friday 15 April Time: 21.00
Thursday 21 April Time: 21.00
Saturday 23 April Time: 21.00
Friday 29 April Time: 21.00
Thursday, May 12, time: 21.00
Thursday, May 29 Time: 21.00

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