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Pending defendants Emre Kınay and one of the customers at the same location, Baha Toygar, attended the hearing at the 54th Criminal Court of First Instance in Istanbul. In his defense, the defendant Baha Toygar said that they had not met Emre Kınay at the time of the incident and that I didn’t even know he was in the same place. Toygar said he saw press members waiting outside, saying: “When a woman fell on the ground inside the place, they got excited and started shooting. Then I told my friends to leave the place and left the place. As can be seen in the pictures I left the place in peace. I didn’t say offensive words like I said.”


Dilara Sezgin, who was questioned as a witness at the hearing, said that while she was at the venue with her boyfriend Emre Kınay, when she came back from the washroom, her skirt unbuttoned and her privates exposed, her foot slipped and fell to the floor was . Sezgin said Emre Kınay wanted to get off the ground as a philanthropist, saying, “Members of the press outside started attracting us at that time. Emre Kınay said: ‘It’s a shame, he is my lawyer friend, I will answer any questions you have.’ “He started asking questions as if he wasn’t complying with the pandemic rules. Then they put ice on my feet. I didn’t hear Emre Kınay say any offensive words. I didn’t see the other defendant, Baha Bey. He wasn’t on our table.”


Nihat Fındıklı, a witness to the event and a member of the press, stated that they were waiting for Emre Kınay outside the venue to get the news, saying, “A woman fell into the venue and Emre Bey tried to lift her. I started shooting those moments. Emre Bey came to us later. Complainant Emre Kınay ‘A exacerbated the questions, Emre Bey replied that there was a dispute between them. I didn’t hear Emre Kınay’s insulting words, but I heard him speak loudly. “

“I think Mr Emre was provoked at the time of the incident. I couldn’t compare the other defendant, Baha Toygar, to the person who interceded with me, he was smaller and posed as a director,” he said.


The prosecutor commented on the case at the hearing. Emre Kınay’s “Are you retarded” against the applicant Mustafa Ağdağ and Baha Toygar’s offensive remarks were found to constitute the crime of insult as utterances violate honor, dignity and dignity. While the prosecutor demanded that Emre Kınay and Baha Toygar be punished for the crime of “insulting,” he demanded that unfair provocation provisions be used or not punished, considering how the incident happened. The hearing was adjourned to defend against the prosecutor’s statement.(DHA)

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