Nihat Kahveci: Trabzonspor fans are watching a film that knows the end

Reviewing the game between Trabzonspor and Fatih Karagümrük, Nihat Kahveci said that he saw a movie where the fans knew the ending.

Trabzonspor drew VavaCars 1-1 against Fatih Karagümrük in week 33 of the Super League, extending their streak to four games.

Nihat Kahveci evaluated this draw against the Istanbul representative of Fırtına, the biggest favorites of the championship, in the live broadcast.

coffee maker said: Trabzonspor fans watch a film they know the end of. Trabzonspor fans watch a movie, they know the ending of the movie, but here the director (here the directors) always adds new episodes to the movie before the end of the movie. The end of the film is certain; Trabzonspor will get the trophy, but fans wait for this trophy every week, but it never comes. The fans who inevitably know the ending of the film must be seen because after seeing it, it will reach the ending. Are you bored? They get bored, but in the end they will be happy.

If the population of Trabzon is 800,000, there are now 1 million 800,000 people in Trabzon. Trabzonspor flags hang everywhere on the picnic areas, in the cafe, in the restaurant. People gather, play their Horon, in an environment called “Let’s win, let our opponents lose, let’s become champions”, it’s been almost 1.5-2 months, but Trabzonspor fans not living this end be able.

You always waste the first half. If they had played well for 90 minutes, they would have made a 30 point difference. 45 minutes were enough for Trabzonspor in this league. Trabzonspor fans are relaxed but a little sad. You say enough. There is impatience. They want to be happy as soon as possible. You’re right? You’re right. A season like their mothers’ white milk. So many points difference but no trophy. The future.

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