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When the month of Ramadan is mentioned, tarawih prayers in mosques at night, fasting during the day, iftar tables with their rich variety, nightlife in Şehzadebaşı, Direkinter, the ridges decorating the Selatin mosques, the drums and mani des Neighborhood Watchman Who aims to wake up those who are fasting in Sahur but will uplift the whole city.
Another point worth emphasizing due to the month of Ramadan is the impact of this holy month on the media industry. The effect of the month of Ramadan on the press is also varied. First of all, many newspapers prepare Ramadan supplements during Ramadan, either as an extra or by cutting off a page or two of the newspaper. They are not satisfied with this and distribute either catechism books, Koran translations or albums with beautiful writings as advertising.
Many special books have also been published about the month of Ramadan and its worship, as well as these social and community events of Ramadan. In addition to the annual booklets for the month of Ramadan, there are also books that can be viewed as large volumes and are based on memories of the past Ramadan. In recent years, the memoirs of some famous writers about the old Ramadan – some of which remained as newspaper serials – have been published in a book.
Apart from these books, there are also books written for the month of Ramadan. One of them is the work called “Ziyaret-i Evliya”. According to Hocazade Ahmed Hilmi in the “Expression-i Meram” section of his work, he wrote the biographies and legends of the saints and members of the sect in Istanbul, whose tombs and tombs he visited during the 1910 Ramadan. In other words, the book was written on the occasion of the month of Ramadan. Most of the Ramadan books consist of works that contain more worship and religious information. Most of these books, dealing with the virtues of Ramadan and fasting, the sanctity of this month and the wisdom of the night of power, are simple folk books aimed at increasing the religious knowledge of the Muslim people. Among them are a few literary ones and those that reflect social life. Due to the interest in antiquity, an increasing number of research books and Ramadan memoirs have been published in recent years that describe social life and the social effects of Ramadan.
A selection of Ramadan books from the past to the present:
* Ramadan came welcome, Abdulbaki Gölpınarlı
* Ramadan Conversations, Ahmet Rasim, ed.: Muzaffer Gökman
* Istanbul Life in Ancient Times, Minister of Fisheries Ali Rıza Bey, Edited by: Ali Şükrü Çoruk
* Watchman Baba Ramadan Chapters, Ed.: M. Sabri Koz
* Ramadan Jokes, ed.: Cemal Anadol
* A Ramadan in Istanbul, Cenab Şahabeddin, ed.: Abdullah Uçman
* Old Istanbul Ramadans/All Customs, Entertainments, Memories, Anecdots, Halit Fahri Ozansoy
* Ramadan Anecdotes, ed.: İsmail Özcan
* Ramadan gift, Lütfü Doğan
* Ramadan Food and Culinary Culture, Nimet Berkok, Kamil Toygar
* A Ramadan, Binbir Istanbul, Süheyl Ünver, edited by İsmail Kara

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