Roger Waters comes to Turkey for Nûdem Durak

WALL – The musician Roger Waters, founder of the group Pink Floyd, comes to Turkey to present his guitar to the artist Nûdem Durak, who was arrested for singing in Kurdish.

The 33-year-old Nûdem, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison in two separate trials, suffered from osteoporosis and Basedow’s disease (poisonous goiter) while in prison.

World-famous names such as Pink Floyd member Roger Waters, American actor, producer and writer John Kusack, actor Mark Ruffalo and philosopher Angela Davis called for Nûdem’s release. Noam Chomsky also released a message stating that the sentence passed on Nûdem was a grave injustice.

He announced that Firdevs Durak Waters, a committee member who led the “Free Nûdem Durak – Justice for Nudem” campaign for Nûdem and brother of Nûdem Durak, will visit Turkey in the coming days to present Nûdem with his guitar.


Waters joins the campaign with a lengthy project. Waters said “She is our sister” about Nûdem Durak, stating that it was unacceptable that Durak could not be provided with musical instruments while in prison. Not content with just making a statement, Waters sent one of his guitars to prison in Nûdem.


Although the prison administration did not buy the guitar, Waters’ attempt did not end. Waters will bring a guitar signed by many world famous artists to Turkey in the coming weeks to draw attention to the injustice on Nûdem.


Various solidarity activities related to Nûdem are also spreading. According to the committee; A concert dedicated to Nûdem Durak was held in Italy. A new concert will be organized this April. Stamps with Nûdem’s portrait were made in Germany. Many artists drew Nûdem. For example, street artist Mahn Kloix created a huge fresco depicting Nûdem in Marseille, France. Nûdem was painted on the facade of a bookstore. There is also a book with this picture on the cover. A new book about Nûdem is currently being written. Music dedicated to the artist was composed, played at concerts, and his songs were sung by various artists.


Saying, “This is a great solidarity now,” the committee said, “Nûdem will be released from prison in 2034. Twelve years later… It’s hard to imagine. He has already spent 7 years behind bars in vain. Nûdem is a young, determined artist who takes pride in carrying Kurdish memory and history with her art and has no sense of violence. He should be able to come back on stage and sing freely.”

Intolerance to opposing music

According to Artı Gerçek’s news, Nûdem’s sister Firdevs Durak, who said she had a love of music since childhood, also called for justice for her brother, who was imprisoned for political music. Firdevs said: “Punishing a person because of the words in their compositions and the environment in which they produce the music is intolerance towards oppositional music. Nûdem makes music for society. And of course he thinks music should be political in our geography.”

Noting that she had not met Nûdem in person for a long time due to the epidemic and the distance from Bayburt, where he was held, Firdevs said: “Nûdem repeatedly asked for a referral for release from Bayburt M Type prison, where he was being held was, but was not recorded. As a family, it is difficult for us to go from Şırnak to Bayburt. We usually talk to Nûdem on the phone. He tells us that he spends his time reading books and composing.”

Firdevs drew attention to the calls for release and the messages of solidarity for Nûdem, saying: “The support that has been given through the campaign in recent times has given us and Nûdem a morale boost. Nûdem also knows about the international support” and said that they thanked everyone who showed solidarity.

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