“Sex” review of James Bond films from the director of Basic Instinct

“These movies are funny at times, but the narrative doesn’t say anything about us anymore,” said Paul Verhoeven, director of Basic Instinct and Showgirl.

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven has criticized the recent lack of sex scenes in Hollywood and particularly in James Bond films.

The 83-year-old director said in an interview with the Times that he can no longer do the films he made in the 1990s.

Known for his films Basic Instinct and Showgirls, the director used the following statements:

“Sex is the essence of existence. No genre can exist without it. So why is it a big mystery? A new state of chastity has emerged. Sexuality has been removed from films. In the 1970s, you could talk about it, but later those films aren’t more possible. Now it became very difficult to make a film like Basic Instinct.”

Verhoeven drew attention to the fact that the James Bond films, first introduced to audiences in the 1960s, have changed a lot over time.

Adding that there are more action elements in 007 films, the director added, “These films are fun at times, but the narrative doesn’t say anything about us anymore. I don’t see any other thought in Marvel or Bond films.” Verhoeven also said, “Bond always had sex! They didn’t show boobs or anything, but there was sex.”

The director said that if he directed the next James Bond film himself, he would “return to reality” with “cars that don’t squirt into the sky.”

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