Singer Rümeysa lost her fiancee in a crashed helicopter: This pain made me forget how to love!

She had gone through such a difficult time that Rumeysa buried her life in a corner of her heart. Even though he had those feelings from time to time, he knew he had to stay strong because life went on. The famous singer said: “I don’t think we have an obligation to handle everything. That’s why I don’t think I can do it. We live somehow. Of course, when we breathe, there is hope.” When Aşık Veysel said: ‘I am on a long and narrow path, I walk day and night’…” He explains his feelings in words. The singer said that it was difficult to pick up where she left off: “I can say that I still struggle. I’ve become a more sensitive emotional person. I have some fears like attachment and loss.”

SONG MAKE ME Liberating
Rümeysa expresses her feelings with her songs: “I don’t write a song about a person or an event. In general, I can write about my own experiences and what my friends are going through. Writing lyrics and music liberates me. It’s easier for me to express myself.”

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