Step by step to the Venice Biennale | Onur BASTÜRK

The global art world is experiencing the excitement of the Venice Biennale after two years.


The Biennale, which will be presented on April 19th, will open on April 23rd and last until November 27th.
The main source of motivation for the Venice Biennale, which curator Cecilia Alemani defines as a “pandemic biennale” and who also designs the major exhibition, are the drawings by the famous surrealist painter Leonora Carrington, which accompany the stories she told her sons, namely “ milk of dreams”.
Therefore, the core of the Biennale can be summarized as follows:
Highlight Surrealism and Female Artists…
The Turkish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale will host Füsun Onur’s İKSV exhibition Once Upon a Time.
In fact, the Venice Biennale will see many premieres this year.
For example, eight new countries will host their first exhibition at the Biennale: Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Namibia, Nepal, Oman, Uganda and Uzbekistan…
In particular, the exhibition by the Kazakh artist collective ORTA already has it all
is spoken.
Another innovation is that local Sami artists will take over the Norwegian pavilion.
eagerly awaited
Another Superstar exhibition features stunning works by American sculptor Simone Leigh depicting black women.


Seasonal shifts in Çeşme

Owners of OM Mistral in Izmir Mistral Tower took over 2020 Paparazzi, one of the oldest and classic beaches of Çeşme. Now they are getting ready to usher in a new paparazzi era this summer under the name OM Paparazzi. Prepared as an eco-certified sustainable beach where food waste is turned into compost to minimize environmental impact.
OM Paparazzi seems to be a breath of fresh air among the similar beaches of Çeşme.
Theater weekends at The Stay Warehouse today have a star play. Shown with Mert Fırat and Didem Balçın, “Joseph K.” Game.

Weather in the Kaz Mountains

“Where to?” for weekend travelers due to the spring weather. The confusion began. I have two suggestions for those who are heading to Yeşilyurt village on Ayvacık side of Çanakkale. The first is Casa Mila. This boutique hotel with few rooms has a surprise Italian restaurant. I discovered it last summer and loved it.
Another hotel in Yesilyurt is Fallow.
This place is slightly above the village and in a position reminiscent of Tuscan landscapes.

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