The expression of the refugee crisis in the ATV series goes viral

A scene in the ATV series Lonely Wolf about the growing refugee crisis recently caused a lot of controversy on social media. We have compiled the answers for you.

We all know that in recent years Turkey has become the center of waves of migration. That’s why we recently refugee and asylum seeker The crisis is growing day by day, many citizens and officials are making statements on the subject. In the apartments that can be found on some second-hand ad sites, ‘Not suitable for Turkish customers‘ Explanations began to appear, and the ads were made only for rental to foreigners.

In addition, Watsons, which was one of the giant cosmetics chains yesterday, is in its catalog released for this month. Arabic contained pages. This situation led to the reaction of many citizens on social media and subsequently prompted the company to remove the pages. The sharing of asylum seekers on social media – such as sharing videos of Turkish women – also caused a stir. Now another situation related to this issue has become the order of the day on social media.

A scene in the ATV series Lone Wolf sparked controversy

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