The name of the TV series Fancy Scarecrow starring Çağatay Ulusoy has changed.

Cagatay UlusoyThe name of the TV series “The Fancy Scarecrow” with “Tailor” became “Tailor”. The new leading lady of the series Şifanur Gul declared as.

The name that will accompany Ulusoy in the series directed by Cem Karcı was Şifanur Gül who was in the main cast of Çağan Irmak’s TV series Created.

According to TV100’s Birsen Altuntaş news, Çağatay Ulusoy will bring to life a tailor named “Peyami” in the series. Şifanur Gül will play the role of Esvet, into whom Peyami sews a wedding dress and falls in love with her.

Partners with OGM Pictures, the production company of the series to be shown on TV8 Onur Güvenatam with the boss of Tv8 Acun IlicaliThe agreement between him and her was broken, and Güvenatam made an agreement with Netflix after the agreement was broken. Later, when the series was sold to Netflix, the deal only applied to the television project. Alina Boz He left the show.

Replaces Alina Boz Ezra BilgicHe was said to have left the series amid allegations that he couldn’t agree terms with the production company on the terms of the contract.

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