The story of three young gambling addicts

The second feature film from “Heads”, which became a phenomenon with the videos published on YouTube, found its place on the big screen. The members of the group spoke about both the curiosity about the film and the communication between them.


Good luck with your “Self-Escaped” movie. Can you tell us the story of its creation?

Fatih Jasin: It tells the story of three gambling addicted teenagers who can’t see the reality of life and then get an unexpected shock.

Bilal Hanci: Thanks very much. Our film was actually written based on the impact on their lives of online games loved by Generation Z.

How does this film differ from the first film “Confused”?

Fatih Jasin: “Confused” was Fatih and Bilal’s rush to marry Atakan. “Self-Escaped” is more of a story that makes them all face reality.

Bilal Hanci: Two completely different films. The first film was a dramatic love story. This time we will follow the events that happened to 3 friends in their minds.


Atakan Ozyurt: Aside from being a completely different scenario, I think we turned the excitement and immaturity of our first film into more professionalism in the second film. We reflected on the characters and the story by taking it and living it more.

The adventure that began on YouTube and then in the film industry. Are you satisfied with where you come from?

Fatih Jasin: The point at which we have arrived is not quite over yet. Everything we do now and in the past is a sign of where we will be going in the future.

Bilal Hanci: It wasn’t planned, everything happens spontaneously. Of course it was our dream to make a film. We are very happy that it is coming true.

Atakan Ozyurt: We’ve never said, “We’ve gotten to this point,” and probably never will. People discover and learn new things every day, it’s the same in this sector; The most valuable thing that the years have brought us is undoubtedly experience. We will keep trying and producing.


What will the viewer experience in this film about himself or about life?

Fatih Jasin: In this film we deal with what young people with a gambling addiction miss in life. Everyone can find a piece of themselves.


Bilal Hanci: Those who get too caught up in the virtual world and miss real life will recognize some of the dangers that can befall them in this film.

Atakan Ozyurt: In fact, there is not a single message in this story. There are always “moments” when everyone can reconcile with themselves or the situation they find themselves in. Best of all, viewers immerse themselves in the characters and live with their emotions, get excited and tense with the characters, live the characters bit by bit on the way to completion… Then they can get the right message of themselves and of life.

After the pandemic, the cinema industry took off again with the film “Bergen”. If you could put yourself in one place with this film, where would it be?

Fatih Jasin: The audience loved biographies, there are many examples of this. Honestly, “Bergen” opened on a whole different level. The right steps were taken on the advertising side. Even though we’re not in the same category, we think the audience always has time to support us.


Bilal Hanci: Of course our hearts are at the top, but “Bergen” and “Self-Escaped” are films of different styles. We believe that we will take a successful place among comedy films.

Were there any scenes in the film that challenged you or an unforgettable moment?

Fatih Jasin: We had a difficult situation regarding our private life in one scene and we had a good discussion about it before the play. Later, when we were recording, we had a serious mental decline. But the stage also lifted him. When the audience sees it, they will surely say that something happened to them.

Atakan Ozyurt: Mainly due to the weather conditions, we were very impressed by the cold when shooting the scenes in Ankara. But in the end we got what we wanted.


How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Fatih Jasin: We are a team that works like clockwork. We need each other to show the truth.

Bilal Hanci: Loyalty, love, respect and above all trust.

Atakan Ozyurt: In a few words I can say that we are a stable and productive team, open to innovation and experimentation. And most importantly, we have a specialty that doesn’t mix business and friendship.


◊ What do you do as “heads” when the heads don’t match?
Fatih Jasin: In fact, our greatest advantage is that we know each other in every way and know each other to the core. It is very easy for me to know how to win the hearts of Bilal or Atakan.
Bilal Hanci: We are a team that has known each other for 7 years. Since we all learn our reactions over time, we don’t bring things to the point where we have conflict. We understand and support each other.
Atakan Ozyurt: “We talk!” We voice and solve our problems with all our transparency.

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