The “Turkey” stand attracted a great deal of attention at the London Book Fair

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attended the London Book Fair, which was held at the Olympia London Exhibition Center in the capital and will last until March 7th, with two different stands on behalf of the Ministry and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) . .

10 publishers from Turkey were invited to the stands to negotiate copyright and the sale of works.

In addition to nearly a thousand Turkish works brought from Turkey, 150 works previously funded by the “Project to Support the Publication of Turkish Cultural, Artistic and Literary Works in Languages ​​Other Than Turkish (TEDA ),” were presented at the fair.

Turkey booth opening reception was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, ITO Chairman Şekib Avdagic, London YEE Manager Dr. In addition to Mehmet Karakuş, the Turkish Embassy in London and ITO board members attended.

“We supported 3 and 495 works in 60 different languages ​​in 85 different countries”

In his statement here, Deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism Demircan expressed his satisfaction with attending the London Book Fair as a ministry and stated that ITO is also very active in cultural activities.

Demircan: “I also appreciate that ITO does not leave us alone in the area of ​​basic cultural activities.”

Ahmet Demircan noted that under the TEDA project implemented by the Ministry, 3,495 works were supported in 85 different countries and 60 different languages, of which 2,841 were translated and published.

Demircan explained that although the importance of digital books has increased in recent years, the importance of printed books remains: “Our culture, art, lifestyle, architecture, aesthetics, everything that belongs to us and makes us who we are , can only exist if we make a book and appreciate it.” used the phrase.

Noting that Turkey throughout history has brought forth cooperation and common cultural elements across a wide geography, Demircan said, “We feel this most in Turkish TV series and films. Turkish TV series are watched in 152 countries. We always hear the same answer as to why they are being watched: your perspective on life, your way of life, your humility and your sharing and your love for people.

“Turkey has taken a very important step in publishing”

Avdagiç, Chairman of the Board of ITO, emphasized that Turkey has made a very important step in publishing and stated that ITO attaches great importance to book fairs in different parts of the world, especially in Istanbul.

Noting that ITO participates in many different book fairs from Jerusalem to Thessaloniki, from Beijing to London, Avdagic thanked the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for supporting ITO’s participation and its openness to cooperation.

Şekib Avdagiç said: “Some people have asked us: ‘Why are you involved in a business like the Chamber of Commerce?’ We asked them, “A business without a book is like a bird with a wing.” We say. That’s why you can walk to a certain extent with a broken wing. That is why we attach great importance to such processes.”

Avdagic, who said Turkish publishers’ participation in book fairs around the world is increasing thanks to support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, wished for much more effective participation in the coming years.

Avdagiç pointed out that it should not be forgotten that e-commerce and e-books will become more and more important in the future while there are more printed books at the fair, saying that generations’ expectations should be prepared accordingly the changing new trends of the world.

What is the TEDA project?

The TEDA project, implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism since 2005, offers foreign readers the opportunity to read Turkey’s literary heritage in their own language. This supports the visibility of works by Turkish authors on international book markets.

So far, this project has supported 3,495 works in 85 different countries and published more than 2,840 works in 60 different languages ​​and met foreign readers.

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