We make a movie with them, are we idiots to serve the news? – Kocaeli Peace Newspaper

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Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan responded to Muharrem Tutuş’ allegations at the press conference she held in Hürriyet Izmit Municipality. Hurriyet said: “Each meeting since we took office has been very eventful. We said it, if only the one with the mouth can think as much as the one with the mouth speaks. Unfortunately, we see that they only talk. They only slander, they lie. Lie built a nest. Recently I ate request from even a garbage. If there are so many allegations, why don’t they go to court? They always want to appoint us trustees. These assertions are always assertions. When we said we would make a statement, the President turned to the claim that he gave his nephew a job. I share our genealogy with you. I have no nephews by the supposed names, friends. I have a nephew, he is 6 years old. If we go as far as Adam and Eve, then we can become relatives.


The slander that he only transferred 1.5 million money based on a text message has been on the agenda for a day. I challenge you to prove those who are making the allegations. Hodri Square. The courthouse is over there, the court corridors are over there. Those rushing to the courthouse for garbage inspection should leave now. We will submit one case at a time. Everyone will know. Our mother has been crying here for 3 years. Koral Altın is one of the people of this city. His wife is an artist in this city. They don’t do business just because we exist. We’re making films with them now. If we’re idiots, let’s report it. We are already writing openly. Who and what we do. how can i be related You speak of 1.5 million. The ÖZEK company, of which Zekiye Köstekli is a partner, is the Teebagel-Izmit study. We got a job doing PR work for a while. The job we received costs 397,000 TL. Where are the 1.5 million?”

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