Yasemin Sakallıoğlu signed a book with her eyeliner!


The comedian said his overseas tour went well: “I just got back from the tour. Embracing our citizens there was a very special moment for me. I’m the only name among female comedians that resonated with the crowd.”

A passing fan of the comedian took Sakallıoğlu’s book Ban Outward Beauty, Let’s Move to Spiritual Beauty out of his pocket.

Surprised, the comedian signed the book with eyeliner and said, “If we had edited it, it wouldn’t have been like this.”


Yasemin Sakallıoğlu explained why she became a comedian in the program she participated in: “I was a very ugly kid. People wouldn’t like it if I said “Oh what a cute boy”. So I was imitating and joking all the time.”


Explaining that being funny has been important to him since he was a child, the actor said: “I was a very ugly kid. “Is the kid ugly?” Don’t say that because I was. People wouldn’t like it if I said “Oh what a cute boy”. That’s why I was always imitating and joking as a kid. Ask people, “Is it funny?” I should have asked and needed confirmation.” the phrases used.

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Sakallıoğlu said that he founded the conservatory at the age of 28: “I entered the conservatory when my mother wanted me to get married. Since I started at the age of 28, I was also in a somewhat strange situation. All my classmates were 10 years younger than me.” The celebrity comedian also explained that they met his wife before she got married: “I said, ‘If we become lovers, it’s going to bother me on the phone, delete them People you are likely to flirt with. which are interrupted, which you put aside.’ I don’t look at his messages on his phone, I only know the password, I don’t enter it. I am really a very young woman.”

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