Secret agent in movies, commercials and cartoons: subliminal message

It is described as a message embedded in an object that we do not see or hear but is perceived by our subconscious. Since it is below the human perception limit, it cannot be perceived and enters directly into our subconscious.

Our subconscious determines 95% of our decisions.

Since 95 percent of the stimuli that we perceive with our sense organs are processed unconsciously, they influence our decisions.

The Dean of the Faculty of Communications of Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Prof. DR. According to Mehmet Sezai Türk, this technique is widely used in propaganda, perception management and advertising.

“Old, well-known clichés unconsciously make our choice easier”

Prof. Mehmet Sezai Türk compares the human eye to an open camera.

“Advertisers use the issues that most influence people’s choices and joys as stimulants, and they succeed. Our subconscious is also very well suited to being persuaded by suggestion. All of our automatic behaviors, habits, and whims are registered in our heads. Its most important task is to guide the individual by enabling the reconciliation of the stored data with the association. Because of this, it is widely used in propaganda, perception management, and advertising.

Many different methods are used

Subliminal messages contain messages that the target audience in advertising can only perceive subconsciously in order to change consumer behavior in a way that the consumer is unaware of. According to Türk, many different subliminal advertising strategies using subliminal messages are being tried.

“As varied as the methods are, there is only one purpose, which is to create a consumer need for the product. Flashed stimuli, too brief to be seen, are used in films and advertisements, and accelerated speech given in a low tone is used in auditory messages and advertisements.

Our brain perceives sounds that we cannot hear.

Türk emphasizes that the human brain also perceives sounds at frequencies that our ears cannot hear and draws attention to the following.

“The range of speech sounds in humans varies between 500 and 2000 Hz. The human ear can hear sounds between 20-20,000 Hz. Sounds below this limit are referred to as infrasound, and sounds above this limit are referred to as ultrasonic sounds. If you can hear a sound clearly, it means the sound is within the range of frequencies that you can hear.

For subliminal messages that appeal to the sense of hearing, the sound is emitted in the normal frequency range, while when it comes to the message that is being conveyed to the subconscious, the sound level drops suddenly. The brain is no longer at the threshold of hearing, but at the level of perception and is drawn into the field of reception without being aware of it.”

”A frame that cannot be perceived by the conscious mind is recorded directly in the subconscious”

With subliminal messages delivered via images, when a person looks at the screen, an image appears on the screen and disappears at exactly the “blink” rate, ie 24 frames per second.

Türk emphasized that a frame that cannot be perceived by the conscious mind is processed directly into the subconscious, with the 25th frame functioning more than 24 frames in film or advertising, Türk said: “Just like sound, the conscious mind sees nothing but the subconscious has already recorded this message. Advertising messages with subliminal message content ensure that the fictionalized message is directed to the right hemisphere and placed in the intuitive long-term memory, which is sensitive to visuality and is responsible for the perception of feelings and many other sensory activities. According to research, the right hemisphere of the brain deals with visual and auditory problems. Humans use the right side of their brain for their intuition. In advertising, subliminal advertising can be used to draw attention to the product, make it stand out and convey the image that it is the leading brand on the market,” he says.

”It’s a psychological method that allows us to choose without realizing it”

Türk states that the subliminal messages used by brands are used for different purposes over time, Türk warns.

“Although subliminal messages were initially used by brands to highlight a product, over time they have been used for very different purposes. Most often it is a psychological method that makes us unconsciously choose something from many, unknowingly making us enemies and making us prefer it without realizing it. This method is most often used in the media.

As I mentioned in your subliminal ad question, our brain and eyes work in a coordinated manner like a camera that records throughout the day. In the digital games, programs, films and TV series we watch, fictional messages are loaded into our brains without our realizing it. Subliminal messages delivered through media and advertising; It is called the messages that are beyond the ability of the eye to see, but below the ability of the ear to hear, but are perceived by the brain.

Can be used maliciously

How do these messages, secretly placed in advertisements, music, films and even cartoons, affect us?

“Unfortunately, the subliminal technology uses this sensitive point very efficiently in cartoons, songs, advertisements and virtual games in illegal ways. Among the virtual games or cartoons that we consider innocent and that we think educate, inform, entertain, educate children, recommend love and brotherhood and have the most fun time; With subliminal technology, pornographic images and text, symbols of hostility, images of violence are stored. Our child unconsciously places these images in his brain and these images are stored in his subconscious at the most serious age when his personality is formed. It is known that these records, placed under the record to later achieve commercial or political purposes, can be activated by stimulating associations.

Banned in many countries

In particular, he notes that the most effective way to reduce the impact of subliminal messaging and perception management is through education. Turkish.

“Although subliminal advertising is banned in almost all countries, it makes it impossible to frame with the emerging new technologies. It should be known that the inadequacy or lack of regulation and malicious use will continue to negatively affect the audience by changing their size day by day. Media and new media literacy training is more effective than the strongest bans to ensure conscious use of the media. The impact of subliminal messaging, manipulation, disinformation, propaganda and perception management can only be reduced through education.


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