What is the Salary of a Stationery and Book Seller? 2022 job postings and salaries

What is stationery and book salesman job description, What is stationery and book salesman job, Which department should I read to become a stationery and book salesman? What documents are required to practice the profession of stationer and bookseller? We have put all this information together for you in our article.

definition stationery and book seller;

He is the person who introduces and sells all kinds of books and stationery to the customer.

What is the Salary of a Stationery and Book Seller? 2022 Stationers and Bookseller Salaries

The average salary for a Stationery and Book Seller is 4626.5 _TL per month. The lowest salary for Stationery and Book Sellers is 4253 _TL, the highest is 5000 _TL. If you want to get a salary like the above salaries. Here you can view the vacancies of İŞKUR stationery and book salesman and make your career planning.

career information

Profession code:


Job title:

Seller of stationery and books

Group information profession main group:

service and sales staff

Profession sub-main group:

Sales Related Items

professional group:

Business, store, etc. Sales people

Occupational unit group:

Shop, store etc. Sales staff working in places

Required minimum education:

primary education

Task and process steps:

stationery and book sellers; In accordance with the company’s general working principles, through effective use of the tools, tools and equipment, in accordance with the occupational health and safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession:

a) affixing the price tags of the products to be sold, classification and labeling by type, quality and price,

b) placing the products on the shelves, arranging the showcase,

c) greet the customer, show and promote the product requested by the customer and provide information about the prices,

d) Application of appropriate sales techniques for customer types,

e) Separating the defective and non-conforming products and sending them to the appropriate entities,

f) receiving the customer’s complaints and notifying the relevant parties if the problem is not resolved,

g) take precautions to increase sales and increase customer continuity,

h) control of stocks and ordering of defective products,

i) to organize and clean the work area,

j) reflect price changes on labels, mark new products,

k) To keep track of the newly released books, stationery and innovations in this field,

l) assisting in the creation of brochures and posters related to product promotion, hanging up the prepared posters and brochures, etc. performs tasks and operations.

Current occupation: YES

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