Ayrton Senna F1 art car is shown at Imola

The newly painted vintage McLaren show car has been remodeled as part of an art project called ‘Senna Now’.

One side of the car consists of three iconic color schemes from Senna’s F1 career. Black and gold Lotus, Rothmans Williams and Marlboro McLaren.

The other side of the vehicle was left to the design of French street artist Jisbar, who was inspired by the life and career of the three-time champion.

The art medium Senna was the brainchild of Italian fashion designer Matteo Macchiavelli, who followed the Brazilian’s F1 career as a teenager.

“I spent my childhood following my hero’s races and ‘magic’,” said Machiavelli.

“I was inspired by his lifestyle and his teachings. These are still with me as I get older.”

“I have so many photos with Ayrton thanks to my friend Angelo Orsi. They are now part of my family book and my personal history and have been burned into my memory.”

“Ayrton Senna’s charisma, personality, struggles and humanity inspired me and many others. So much so that I began to dream of creating something that could centralize and reveal some aspects of the particular messages he was able to convey — the struggles, the creativity, and humanity.”

Ayrton Senna Formula 1 Art Car

The vehicle was donated by Italian collector Gianluca Tramonto and will be on display at the Ayrton Senna Museum at the forthcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

The car is also expected to be seen at the Miami and Monaco races. It also plans to present at art events in Venice and Miami throughout the year.

The next plan is to auction the car and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Ayrton Senna Foundation.

Alongside the vehicle, Jisbar will create a special Senna Now NFT collection, which will be printed in three stages over the weekends in Imola, Miami and Monaco.

Ayrton Senna Formula 1 Art Car

Ayrton Senna Formula 1 Art Car

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