Don’t let the big screen continue to be exploited with its famous documentaries

In recent years we have witnessed the exploitation of real-life stories on the big screen. The trend that started after the film Müslüm continued with the life of Bergen, the “Woman of Pain”. The era is changing, the world is changing, while everything moves forward, Turkish cinema not only doesn’t count where it is, it almost goes backwards. We either watch the films brought to life by the money blinded producers without the permission of the families of dead famous people, or we watch the laudatory documentaries of living celebrities.

In the world there is a year-long preparation process before biographies are made. We have a famous producer visiting the famous grave; He goes out of the grave, he chooses the person who will have great success at the box office, who will have influence in society, and immediately writes someone his life story with words of praise and goes to the set. It’s not really about staying true to reality, not upsetting the families, respecting the legacy left behind in the film.

The main thing is melodrama and praise. These two are famous all the time. Well, now I want to ask, the common point of all these movies is the makeover scenarios, “don’t these people have any bad qualities at all?” doesn’t he say? Why is true storytelling always told with the good sides of people? Let’s see the dark side of these people, let’s criticize, disagree, discuss, but let’s follow the truth. Meanwhile, the producer von Bergen, who has already made his mark this year, has started preparations for a new biographical film. Based on Şaziye Karlıklı’s biographical novel of the same name, Emine Adalet Pee/Girl with Black Bangs tells the story of Emine Adalet Pee, whose life story has included spying in Hitler’s Germany from her tours of Anatolia. What can we say, if there is a fake at the box office, do not let the celebrity whose life story is not filmed should not stay, have a good time.

Companies that think green and care about the future of the world have always won my sympathy. THY is one of the best examples of this. why do you say; has recently made great strides in its sustainable operation. The company had previously used sustainable aviation fuel on its Istanbul-Paris flight. Fortunately, the use of green fuel, which will continue on the Paris, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London and Stockholm routes, is now being expanded to various destinations once a week.

It’s not over yet, the aircraft maintenance hangar turns rainwater into usable water. This means that the water collected and treated with the rainwater collection system is used as service and process water at every point in the system instead of from the mains. Last year, almost half of the facility’s water consumption came from rainwater. Recently, electric vehicles have been causing a stir on the apron. In summary, our flag carrier creates a great awareness and is at the same time a role model for all companies.

The Cannes Film Festival, in its 75th year this year, takes place from May 17th to 28th. This year’s official selection was announced, but overall she wasn’t thrilled. This year, films by master names such as David Cronenberg, Kelly Reichardt, Claire Denis, Arnaud Desplechin, Dardenne Brothers, James Gray, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Ruben Ostlund and Park Chanwook were included in the official selection, while Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biography by Elvis and Tom Cruise Top Gun, the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun featuring:

Maverick is also shown out of competition. It is an honor to be selected as one of the films to be screened in the Un Certain Respect section of the festival, Dry Days directed by Emin Alper. That was the most exciting news. The festival’s opening film was the zombie comedy Z by Michel Hazanavicius.

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