FRIDAY MESSAGES WITH PICTURES, SHORT, MEANINGFUL 2022: The most beautiful, new, devotional, verses, hadith, illustrated Friday greetings and sayings – Good Friday

– O Lord! Do not miss the blessings of our home, the prayer of our tongue, the love of you and your Messenger from our hearts. Accept our prayers, make our lives bright. Amin. Nice Friday.

– May the beauties enlighten you and keep a smile on your face and heart. May my lord make you one of his beloved servants and of course us. I wish you a nice Friday.

– My Lord, allow us to meet you with hearts full of love and to meet our loved ones in eternity, amen. Nice Friday.

– ‘I will not enter paradise without my ummah who love me.’ I wish you a blessed Friday with the prayer to be able to do justice to the nation of your loved ones (SAV).

-“My God! Pack up our mistakes and sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. Have mercy on us. Verily You are the Most Merciful of the Merciful.”

– When it comes out, wound in your heart, the Creator will one day transform it forever if you know how to be patient; The Maker will not let you fall, Tare. Raise your head to the sky, open your hands to the Mevlana. If you know how to ask for it, the Mawla will answer the prayer. Have a blessed Friday.

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