İbrahim Büyükak: Please don’t undress for the art, you won’t be able to see me naked

Comedian İbrahim Büyükak explained that there should be no red lines in humor, saying, “No, but I don’t undress for art. Relax, you won’t be able to see me naked.”

Comedian İbrahim Büyükak answered Posta newspaper’s Alev Gürsoy Cimin on questions about him.

Buyukak said:

“I don’t agree with this idea. Yes, we’re in big trouble, but at the end of the day, people get on their nerves. The best humor comes from the most dramatic moments. We can laugh more and more while relaxing our psychology.”

Büyükak recalled that comedians have been criticized a lot lately: “Do you think that Beyaz, Ata Demirer, Şahan Gökbakar and Cem Yılmaz aren’t as funny as they used to be?” He replied when asked:

“Turkey has experienced polarization”

“I think everyone is very funny. Everyone has a different style. That’s a wealth. A person doesn’t have to die to appreciate their worth. There’s no point in loving one comedian and hating the other. We have theirs Values ​​understood when many of our elders that we have been scrutinizing have died. Turkey is experiencing extreme polarization. They either love something very much or hate it terribly. That is wrong.”

“I don’t dress for art”

Explaining that there shouldn’t be a red line in humor in the later part of the conversation, Büyükak laughed and said, “No, but I don’t undress for art. Relax, you won’t be able to see me naked.”

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