If you would like to donate books, you can also do so to the headmaster | leave to Nedim BUBIK

İZMİR Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer launched the “A Library for Every Neighborhood” campaign and addressed the visitors: “Please bring me a book for our campaign instead of flowers and gifts.” The campaign news was like follows: “It is possible to support with first- and second-hand books. Encyclopedia is not accepted. It is requested that the books that are not worn, torn and legible are placed in a box that says “A Library for Each Quarter” and placed in the following locations:



‘City Library (Alsancak), Castle Library (Konak), Historical Gas Factory Research Library (Alsancak), Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Library (Buca), Güzelbahçe Library (Güzelbahçe), Işılay Saygın Library (Buca), Sasalı Agricultural Development Center Library (Çiğli) ), Ferry Libraries ( Ahmet Piriştina-Fethi Sekin and Uğur Mumcu car ferries), Ahmed Adnan Saygun Cultural Center (Guzelyalı), Aşık Veysel Recreation Area Ice Rink (Bornova), Yasemin Cafe (Bostanlı), Karşıyaka Eşrefpaşa Polyclinic, Balçova İZSU Building . )”


In the first place, İZBETON will set up a library in the Mukhtars’ offices in Bayraklı, Bornova, Buca, Çiğli, Güzelbahçe, Gaziemir, Karabağlar, Karşıyaka, Kemalpaşa, Konak and Narlıdere. The campaign also attracted attention, and 3,000 books were donated in one week. Everyone supports such an action, I think it’s great…
Soyer said, “The fact that so many books were collected in one week strengthens our belief in a bright future,” and explained that they plan to set up libraries in 50 neighborhoods in the first phase. And a call from Soyer: “We also need a lot of books for this. I call on our institutions to embrace and develop the campaign. I call on our district parishes to encourage their staff, professional bodies and members of non-governmental organizations, students and teachers in our schools to support our campaign.”


Now I speak. The goal of having a library in every neighborhood is very important, I hope it comes true. Donations will also increase after Soyer’s last appeal. District municipalities, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations and schools take part in the donation competition. Staff, members, teachers, students are mobilized. Finally, the appointment of President Soyer is in question. Massive bulk donations of books would come as no surprise. Would be very good, but not enough for me…



Because the interest of the citizens is very necessary. People want to contribute to the campaign by donating some books in their homes and showing their urban awareness when the ant is dark. Then the campaign will achieve its goal, it is important that the libraries are overflowing with citizens. For that I think books should be delivered to Mukhtars. Even without “the package with the name of the campaign” … Citizens deliver the books they want to donate to their school principal. The accumulated books are taken, sorted, and the appropriate books brought to the Headmaster’s office, where a library will be set up. In this way, more books can be collected and donors experience the happiness and honor of making a contribution to their city…
NOTE: Mine is just a suggestion and foresight… The rest is the work of the influential, the authorities, take it easy!





In the hospital area
no ambulance

One of the busiest regions of İZMİR, Alsancak-Heroes attracts a lot of attention both as a place of work and as a place of residence. Many private and public hospitals and health centers are also located here… Due to this density, the roads in the region are used as double-sided parking lots, which is a very important problem.

Ambulances have great difficulty in reaching patients and transporting them to healthcare facilities. In particular, Can Kulduk Sokak does not allow ambulances to pass because the vehicles stop on both sides of the road. Part of the streets and the area around the hospitals is also used as a paid private car park. The residents of the region, heads of hospitals and health institutions are interested in the problem and are waiting for a solution from the authorities. (letter to the editor)

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