İzmir News – New Book by Manaf What is the road and how to walk?

In this book, the author, who is increasingly being followed by a large readership, covers the subject of roads in great detail. The book, published by AZ Publishing, is based on both solid theoretical knowledge and multidimensional practical experience.

World-renowned author Akif Manaf makes important observations on the road in the work, saying:

Intellectually awakened person: “What is the way?” always asked the question.

Everyone needs a road because without a road there is no place to go. You need a road to get anywhere.

Man is a social unit. For this reason, people must act together with society. Society imposes a lifestyle or way of life on the individual, and the way of life that is imposed may not suit the individual. Then the individual rebels and tries to find his own way.

When the individual knows the purpose of existence, he can find the right path. So what is the purpose of existence? What is the right way? The right way is the way of evolution.

The purpose of existence is to know who the individual is, why they are here, where they came from and where they are going. Finding the right path here, a person can find satisfying answers to these four vital questions. But when the path is not right, he gets wrong, glossed over, and wrong answers to these questions, and the person strays even further from the right path.

The man who cannot determine the purpose of existence will falter and his life will be turned upside down. He sets off on a long journey not knowing the right way and gets tired. This kind of journey has no end, because you end up on an unknown and unfamiliar path.

This type of journey is tiring because the person makes decisions on their own mind and walks until they run out of strength. As a result, he finds himself on his deathbed and dies in agony because he doesn’t know the right way to die either.

To be truly human, the individual; he should pause from time to time to review his life, ask questions, and find answers to the following questions: ride on which road? Where should it go? How to find the meaning in the path?

Here the first requirement of being human is to evolve. To progress on the path, which is an existential path, is to evolve, to evolve is to be on the path to perfection. Being on the path of evolution means walking towards truth with a love of wisdom.

He wisely walks the path of evolution in the light of science and does not act blindly without questioning. The individual tries to be on the right path by examining the life path offered to him by society with his own possessions. This is the path of evolution itself.

Being on the road definitely means questioning, questioning, having experiences and adopting them in the reflection of life. Evolution is an uninterrupted path, continuing as the world turns, that has existed since the first man.

One of today’s most extraordinary writers and closely followed by Personal Development readers, Manaf is notable for sharp analysis that raises awareness in his books. The author who has 81 works on almost every subject related to human such as Creativity, Love, Intelligence, Success, Happiness, Change, Human, Revolution, Ambition, Fame, Politics, Morality, Compassion, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Understanding, Spirit , Wisdom, is astonishingly simple and appeals to all listeners with a flowing narrative.

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