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The “Me Too” movement, started by women who were harassed by directors and producers in Hollywood and spread around the world, especially in the US, took place at the İKSV film festival.

According to Ece Çelik from Hürriyet, director Serhat Yüksekbağ’s film A New World Is Born has been admitted to the competition in the National Documentary category of the İKSV Film Festival organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture for the 41st time and Arts, was excluded from the competition after allegations of violence.

We learned that the director of the film A New World Is Born, one of the films selected for the Istanbul Film Festival’s National Documentary Competition, was the perpetrator of a violence that took place in recent years. As İKSV and Istanbul Film Festival, we would like to remind you once again that we stand by the victims of violence against women and the perpetrators in all walks of life and would like to inform you that we have removed the film from the National Documentary Competition and our Program.


Designer Gamze K., who was in a relationship with the director for a while, shared her experience on Twitter in 2019. Gamze K.: “We are talking about a man who beat me for almost 3 hours. I don’t even know what a person who previously put a knife to my throat is going to do now. I’ve had this for months. He has neither suicide nor quarrel nor excuse to see if I can come back…” Gamze K. received a charge of assault and a restraining order was issued against Serhat Yüksekbağ.


The İKSV management became aware of the incident through the Susma Bitsin platform, a women-founded solidarity network against harassment in the fields of cinema, television and theater, and the director’s relationship with the festival was established on the basis of the principle “Declaration of women is essential” finished “.

DROPPED THE allegations

On the phone, Serhat Yüksekbağ said: “It is an event that took place in 2018. I did not accept the allegations when it was posted on Twitter in 2019. We later reconciled with the person and didn’t take the case to court. İKSV called me and told me about the allegations. He said they would take my film off the list and said, “The woman’s testimony is essential. I don’t accept the allegations,” he said.


Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Serhat Yüksekbağ continues his studies at Atölyealtı Art Collective. In the documentary A New World Is Born, in which Yüksekbağ is a screenwriter and director who also produces in the field of painting and contemporary art, there are interviews with artists who produced between 1968-1980.


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