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“A blank, white paper is the material and intellectual starting point of the newspaper, just like in art… A blank paper offers an endless space to reinvent the world every day and every moment.”


The existence of the press and its influence on society occupied the artists from the beginning and they became a companion. While some questioned and criticized its influence and power, others made the same material the subject of their art. At first it was the same material, then the purpose became the same.

“The Art of the Press”An exhibition witnessing the formation of Turkish society and revealing this 150-year-old relationship will open tomorrow at the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation’s Pera Museum.

Annett and Peter NobelCreated with works from the collection of ‘And now good news’ The exhibition focuses on the dialogue between art and mass media that began with the invention of the printing press, the emergence of regular journalism in the late 18th century and the printing of illustrated magazines in the 19th century.


The exhibition, which shows the most important topics from science, culture and politics of the last 150 years of media history, also gives important information about the major changes of the last 20 years and the effects of these changes on media art.

At the press conference held to promote the exhibition, the General Manager of the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Culture and Art Business M. Özalp Birol owner of the collection Annett and Peter Nobel There was too.

Eric Bachmann, ‘Zurich Train Station’

The curator, who was unable to attend the opening due to a serious traffic accident Christopher Doswald In his text he says the following about the exhibition:

“Here “The Art of the Press” Artworks related to printed text and images in the broadest sense will be on display within the framework of the exhibition. Which, in fact, turns a cheap, daily renewed consumer item into an expensive one-off. The works on display include collages made from newsprint, paintings using an image from the press as a template, gouache applied to newsprint, and silkscreens of photographs published in the illustrated celebrity magazine. Annett and Peter NobelThe paintings, collages, assemblages, sketches and prints in the collection are from a time when there was still a relationship between the original and its media copy.”

The newspaper became a work of art



“And now the good news” at the exhibition Alberto Giacometti, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Andy Warhol, Andreas Gursky, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Christo, David Hockney, Dennis Hopper, Elmgreen&Dragset, Fernand Legér, Georges Braque, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joseph Beuys, Özlem Günyol&Mustafa Kunt, Le Corbusier, Man Ray, Mayakovsky There are almost 300 works by 164 artists, including important names from Turkey and the world, such as painting, photography, collage, installation, video, etc.

Bedri Baykam‘from; signed between them in 1994 “Journey to the Heart” judicial, AtaturkFive of his works can be seen in the collection, including the painting depicting the deceased’s farewell from Istanbul to Ankara in 1938.


A tribute to the art of the press “And now the good news” A newspaper accompanies the exhibition. “The information about such an exhibition should again be given via the press” In the newspaper created on the idea of Ahu Antmen, Süreyyya Evren, Esra Özdoğan, Ece Temelkuran, Prosecutor Evren and Erkan SakaContains texts.

An insightful exhibition on the relationship between media and art, showing how a collection should focus on a specific area. You have until August 7th to see it.


LITERATURE Another news of untimely death came from the world. Released in 2016 ‘Cut’ young author of the novel B. Guney UlutasCan Publishing announced that he has died from his social media account. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved writer Güney Ulutaş at a young age. Our condolences go to his family and loved ones.” it was in the message.


We published 2017 in the supplement of Hürriyet Kitap Sanat. “10 Authors of the Future” He was one of the names on the list.

The newspaper became a work of art

master critic A. Omer Turks In the introduction to his article about his first novel, he said: “B. Güney Ulutaş, in his first novel The Disconnected, tells the curious story of a novel of his mother, whom he has never seen, and a young man who investigates the mysteries of the past. When you read the book, you will think that life imitates art…”

He was born on January 1, 1981 in Akhisar, Manisa and graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Performing Arts/Theatre-Dramatic Writing.

thesis, “Life, Art and a Play by Tezer Özlü – In the Shadow of Early Romanticism” had the title.


Tezer Özlu He was 43 years old when he died of cancer. He died of cancer at the age of 41. “death romantic” lowered the average age Guney Ulutas.

Now one of the shadows belongs to him too.

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