Seray Sever was counting down the days until she was reunited with her twins and it was heartbreaking! Told with tears!


– What would you say to those over 40 who want to become mothers?

– It is very important to prepare the body, take care of yourself, think positively and not despair. Hormones are already destroying people, it is necessary to stay in balance. If you hit the ground running with the right doctors, if your genetics are right, if it’s in your destiny, it will happen. First of all it is necessary to say God’s grace. He’s the head of everything. I prayed a lot.

– What do you dream of the future?

– I’ve been through so much lately that I can’t even imagine. At first I felt we were so helpless… I’m so scared of making plans.

We set our intention, we say let’s build a farm, feed them there naturally, let them grow green… But after making each plan, I get very scared. This year I learned that in my life you can’t control anything, everything will happen. As an expectant mother, you can get what you want from me, full service! I’m totally committed. I’ve never been like this in my life. I hope good things come. I say there is good in everything. Faith saves me

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