Support from Hazal Kaya to Songül Öden: We don’t take it seriously anymore

After Songül Öden’s statement that she was not compared to Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in the “Silver” series and that she was under psychological pressure, Hazal Kaya supported her colleague.

Actress Songül Öden revealed that she was not compared to Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ in the ‘Silver’ series in the show ‘Tonight with İbrahim Selim’ in which she was a guest and that she received criticism like “Did they put that before Kıvanç ?”

After Öden said he was under mental pressure, actor Hazal Kaya supported his colleague.


Years ago, Hazal Kaya, who came to the agenda when she went over the wedge during filming to close the height difference between her and her co-star Çağatay Ulusoy on the television series I Named You Feriha, said: “That’s it for us done to everyone and we don’t care anymore.”

According to the news in the Habertürk newspaper, Kaya said: “Of course we all get strange comments. There are also comments that we are lucky. Because we play with such good actors, they do this to all of us, but we don’t take it seriously anymore, but Songul’s experience is a very hard thing. Even I remember it. Of course, because she’s like my own sister. It’s done to all of us and we don’t care,” he said.


Songül Öden was a guest of the show “Tonight with İbrahim Selim” broadcast on YouTube.

Actor and presenter İbrahim Selim said: “The project you made your debut on TV and destroyed the chaos is ‘Silver’. Did you know that you will talk about it so much at the beginning?” He replied, “I just graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Faculty of Drama. Then I don’t know any criticism either, I don’t know if criticism is mistaken for insult. “People were so cruel,” he replied.

The actress added: “There are people in Turkey who don’t know what criticism is. Criticism really is an art and criticism is a profession. There is a system that either praises something too much or destroys, destroys, obliterates it.” Existence. I’m very happy, it’s a valued job. I’m an actor, but I’m ashamed when it’s done to someone else, not just me.”

He was insulted under the name of criticism, Öden said: “I couldn’t understand it before, I used to be very upset. Now I’m not sad at all. I’m like, ‘He’s got so much trash to spill, he gets his garbage truck ambition from here.’ I don’t care. Then it was the subject of talking to a psychologist in your world without knowing anything. Now it’s me never mind, sorry, nobody.”

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