The best free tv and movie sites

With the development of technology and the internet, watching TV series and movies has increased greatly. Platforms serving outside of television have long been at the forefront of our lives. Many paid and free applications are available today. So today we just scanned the free platforms and listed the best ones for you.

It is important for platforms that offer free series and film services that these are not illegal places. Sites offering illegal services are often shut down or rebranded for copyright reasons as they are already stealing work.

Paramount Plus announces its ambitious series The Turkish Detective

The Turkish detective, starring Haluk Bilginer, Yasemin Kay Allen and Ethan Kai, will be released in 2023.

Free Movie and Series Sites

With free series and movie sites, you should not forget that advertisements are often displayed. This is inevitable for platforms offering free services. So, what are the best TV series and movie sites that offer free service? Let’s take a look at the list that we haven’t sorted.


Puhutv is a desktop and application-access TV series and movies platform that co-hosts domestic and foreign productions. Here there are many old or current productions for free and with advertising. In addition to current and old TV series, Puhutv has also prepared special productions especially for them. The platform also has a special category for children.

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