The bookworm’s retired teacher spent his life reading

Güler, who was born in the Zara district of Sivas and retired in Yalova after working in many cities, cannot remember when he has not read a book.

Güler, who bought many books but gave them away to the bookworms around her, became the regular library with the book lending.

Güler, who is spending more time reading books in retirement, was awarded the title of “Reader Who Borrows Most” with 109 books he purchased from the Yalova Provincial Public Library in 2014. In this area, Güler took second place in 2016 and 2020 and third place in 2019. The staff of the library, which has lent out 803 books in 8 years since 2014, loves and respects Kemal Teacher very much.

Güler passed down her family’s love of books and has been reading books to her 82-year-old wife Ayhan Güler for 63 years since the beginning of their marriage.

Kemal Güler said that he started studying at Pamukpınar Village Institute in Sivas as a child on the encouragement of his teacher at school and that his first place of duty was Diyarbakır. Güler said that they were trained in many areas such as walling, plastering, vaccination, animal husbandry and agriculture, Güler said: “I was 12 years old when I first saw my wife. We got married over time and were very happy. There was never any fight or argument. We have always lived production-oriented. I was a knitter. We ran a shop for 15 years.”

I read 100-150 pages a day

“I read 100-150 pages a day”

Explaining that his habit of reading came from his childhood and that he reads a lot of books, Güler said he taught this love to his wife and children. When Güler expressed that he had a very rich library when he came to Yalova, but after a while he distributed all the books he read, Güler continued: “After that, I haunted the Provincial Public Library, it is a benefactor. I can’t read any other way. There is a longing in the library, it helps a lot. I read 100-150 pages a day. I finish a book every 3-4 days. For me, a book is like the blood that flows in my veins. My intelligence is very good for my age. I have not experienced any negativity. My reading with my wife dates back to old times. While I read a book in bed, she also listened. Right away ”

Pointing out that tech gadgets such as cellphones have deprived young people of the habit of reading books, Güler said that when he goes to the library, he sees few people and is very upset about it.

Thanks to my wife, I feel like I've been reading for 63 years

“Thanks to my wife, I feel like I’ve been reading for 63 years”

Ayhan Güler also stated that throughout his married life, his wife read to him continuously for 63 years. She listened tirelessly to handicrafts and knitting, said Güler: “We taught our children to learn. One is a doctor, one is an engineer, the other is a driving school official, the other is a pensioner from a laboratory. I got used to it. He does the housework.” he said.

The director of the library, Selçuk Yüksel, stated that Kemal Güler is one of the most honored readers with his knowledge, kindness and smiling face. Yüksel said the staff were happy as if they had seen one of his family members when he came, saying: “We are providing every kind of help to Uncle Kemal. used the phrase.

It makes us happy that he reads the books he bought to his wife at home.

“We are very pleased that he reads the books he has bought to his wife at home”

Librarian Özlem Görmüş said: “When Uncle Kemal comes, we smile, our energy is high. No matter what book we try to give, he usually reads it. We choose a book all the time. We even try to collect and get the books ready for him before Uncle Kemal comes. The fact that he reads his wife’s books at home also makes us happy. Sometimes there are times when we can’t find a book. If we don’t want to be able to find an author’s book or his book, we immediately get it from another library or buy it ourselves. That way we share his sweet rush and deliver the books to him as best we can.”

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