The counter at Moda Sahnesi has been dismantled – culture – art

The counter of Moda Sahne, which did not pay its bills in protest against the exorbitant price increases and decided to use its own power supply after two power cuts, was dismantled.

Moda Sahnesi Art Director Kemal Aydoğan posted on his social media account after the counter was dismantled.

aydogan, “The installation of the remote-controlled electricity meter caused a nightmare at first because the roads to be driven on were ready. Despair came into our hearts, we were bored. But our friends showed that there were many ways before 24 hours had passed. The most radical thing was to disassemble the clock and install another working clock. If we connect the watch, it risks imprisonment because it is not clear how much we use it. But a working meter would glow. in our heads” called.

“Maybe we can become independent from the state”

Aydogan continued:

“What’s really exciting are new sources of energy: like solar energy, like energy that’s generated by bicycles. We do research.


Moda Sahnesi released a new statement from his social media accounts and used the following statements in the statement:

“The state protects artistic activity and the artist. He takes the necessary measures to protect, evaluate and promote the works of art and the artist and to spread the love of art. The protection of art and the artist, which is guaranteed by Article 64 of the Constitution, was established by Sabancı Holding yesterday, April 13, 2022, and was violated by the Turkey-affiliated stone company by blocking the right to use energy , which is one of the most fundamental rights. The Culture Ministry of Istanbul Metropolitan Government, Kadıköy Municipality, which is in charge of spreading the love of arts, has also prevented the activities of the Moda stage by cutting off the electricity since the beginning of March.

Despite those who created this darkness, we will continue to play our games with determination. The electricity bill, which has tripled in a month, is eliminated. These exaltations are the shackles of art. Article 64 of the Constitution rejects this restriction. We also ask that you consider the right granted to art by Article 64 of the Constitution. You cannot prevent artistic activity by turning off the power of the Moda Sahnesi. You can’t prevent art.

Now only Sabancı Holding, TR Ministry of Culture, Istanbul Municipality and Kadıköy Municipality have to solve our electricity problem as soon as possible. In accordance with Article 64 of the Constitution, we urgently expect this from these institutions.

The “We don’t pay” mirror of Moda Sahnesi has shown more than enough for everyone, for the whole of society, who wants to see it. It is evident that Moda Sahnesi and his supporters are making great efforts to live up to their civic responsibilities. Thank you everyone, good luck.

With longing for the good days to come…”

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