There are those who make peace in our game and even propose marriage.

With the presentation of Sinan Özedincik and Sonat Bahar, the program “We Us”, which was broadcast on A-money screens, had colorful guests this week. The first part of the program featured the famous actress Tamer Karadağlı and Goncagül Sunar, who has made a name for herself as a musician. In the second part, theater actors Buket Dereoğlu and Kayra Şenocak talked about the plays in which they took part.


We have two voices, “For the rest of my life” and “I didn’t want to forget you”. Both are very popular indeed. I miss the theater so much. For spectators and players. No, we sell. When we see the ticket sales and the audience reaction, we say we’re doing this job.

Getting to know each other well on stage is very important. We get along very well. Although I had to change costumes three times in both games, we experience a pleasant tiredness.

We talk about relationships between men and women, but we have viewers of all ages in our plays. For example, my 17-year-old son came to our game with his friends, and they loved it.

We reconcile people with games. There are couples who poke each other and call themselves the same as you. There were even marriage proposals on our stage. There is a scene in the play where two actors propose marriage. Kayra said, “If anyone can do better, come. The boy raised his hand. He went on stage with his girlfriend, took off his ring and proposed to her. It was a beautiful moment for all of us. Luckily the answer was “yes” and our plan was not foiled.


We have turned 25 years in our friendship with Buket. We played many husband and wife characters in TV series and theater together. It is very important for a partner to understand what the other person is saying with a single eye movement. In this respect he is an actor with whom I feel very comfortable on stage.

These are games that, in a fun and humorous way, tell us how much we hurt each other’s hearts unnecessarily. The audience watches with interest and thinks that something is happening in their own four walls. In both games we portray a couple with a bouquet.

The rating is the audience.

For example, we went to Bursa 5 times in 40 days. The audience can’t get enough. They love it very much. As the author of the play, it is very valuable to me. It is very important to go to the same salon 5 times in case of high demand. Everywhere we go they keep calling.

My wife sends me fit from home. I’m gaining weight and coming back from 4-5 day tours. We are very well received everywhere. We experience local flavors. On the other hand, our tours are very satisfactory.

We’re playing I Didn’t Want To Forget You on April 22nd and Until the End of My Life on April 23rd. I hope we don’t mix up the two games in a row.


I wrote the song ‘Anyway’ at the beginning of the pandemic when something attacked me. This is the song for holding on to life.

In the 90’s I was undecided whether I would become a singer or an actor. The 90s are very important to me. It was very rich in music. It was a time when a lot of the names I hear today made their first albums.

The current generation is result-oriented. They think if I do this, what is the financial cost, will I be famous? Everyone wants to be famous. Most people say I’ll be a star without tiring my arm from throwing rocks. In our time there was a more organic relationship between us and the audience. Now it’s only on the phone that fame status.

The energy expended on aesthetic, material, and moral investments may be our job, but when that seems to overtake another talented actor, I personally have an internal reaction against that actor at that point.

Now they don’t let those who don’t have plastic surgery through the door. The concept of beauty is over, over. There are now beautifully made women and men. Nobody wants time to pass on their face, everyone wants to resist time. There are no signs of age on any face. I want to see life on your face. Too much aesthetic makes women look old.


The interest in our play “Two of Us” is great. Before the pandemic, things were going very well. At the insistence of Volkan Severcan and director Bora Severcan, we restaged this play. We continue with the box office.

My daughter Zeyno is studying piano at the conservatory, she is 16 years old now. He composes and has even written and composed the music for a short film. The film, in which we starred with Erhan Yazıcıoğlu, Volkan Severcan and Okan Bayülgen, made it to the finals of the Los Angeles Short Film Festival. If he had won, he would have been nominated for an Oscar and almost went for an Oscar when he was 15.

They think being famous is a job. Star means star unreachable. Now everyone can be reached with social media.

People with 10 million followers have no equivalent on the street. Being a celebrity is very different from being a star. The producers assign the roles according to the actors’ social media followers. This is a very scary thing. There are many people who have 10 million followers but have no counterparts down the street.

They tell me, “You don’t get plastic surgery or botox.” I would do anything for the role… But I don’t dye my hair either, I like my naturalness.

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