Trilingual concert on İpekyolu

İhsan Emre Aydın, District Governor and Deputy Mayor of İpekyolu, said in a speech at the program: “In these days when our feelings of unity and solidarity are intensified in accordance with the spirituality of Ramadan with our fellow citizens; As a congregation, we continue to organize programs to make the most of the blessed days, which are a time of blessing, mercy, forgiveness, abundance and fertility in İpekyolu. On this occasion, those who came to our city did not break our invitation. Tillo group We thank our artists and you, dear fellow citizens, for not leaving us alone.”

Citizens accompanied the hymns sung by Grup Tillo as part of the “Silk Road Ramadan Evenings” events in the town square, conducted by the Municipality of İpekyolu, which turned the Ramadan nights into enthusiasm.

“The hymns and melodies were recited in three languages”
The residents of Van, who spent an evening of strengthening the feelings of brotherhood and sharing the blessings of Ramadan, often accompanied the performance of the Grup Tillo soloists with applause. The group Tillo performed with beautiful hymns and melodies sung in three languages, Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish, and gave the audience an unforgettable evening. The Grup Tillo soloists declared that they had not performed in front of such an enthusiastic ensemble for a long time and expressed their satisfaction to be in Van in this blessed month in which the spiritual climate is intense and thanked all the authorities, especially the İpekyolu District Governor and Deputy Mayor İhsan Emre Aydın who contributed to the organization.

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