When there is love, a bit of Gardel and a bit of Neruda…

While waiting for the Sahur, visiting these great music ports is a different taste. It is particularly nice to listen to hymns that enrich my soul through Ramadan… But of course, as always, jazz and above all jazz miles davis

But this time, while cruising between the musics, I closed my eyes and soared into the wind of the legendary tango composer’s melodies. Carlo Gardel‘from “Por Una Cabeza” the song starts suddenly… I hold my heart tight and let myself be carried away by the music that flows. Maybe someone somewhere is dancing to this tango right now.

there Gardel You can close your eyes and listen to this great song for hours, or you can stop time and start an endless dance…

As you know, this song was original “scent of a woman” With this unforgettable tango scene in the film (Scent of a Woman), she engraved herself in the minds and captivated millions. Same time “SchindlerList” This song plays in the ball scene at the beginning of the film…

World star in tango Carlo Gardel He is a very talented music legend who made his mark on the music world.

He returned to the stage in 1917 after the troubled days in which he lived for some time. guard, where he spoke of his first rise in tango “Mi Noche Triste” that’s done. With this piece he began his tango life. guard, He made 770 pieces and composed 514 of them as tango pieces.

in a way explosive, Mi Noche Triste who toured Spain, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Puerto Rico in 1917 after the play guard, With these tours he almost became famous.

Recognizing that they can bring their songs to a wider audience through cinema, guard, He first made short films and then his first feature film. “Luces de Buenos Aires”It has achieved much more success than expected. With this film he took his place among the unforgettable pieces. “Tomo and Commitment”is still popular.

“women’s scent” to see in the movie “Por Una Cabeza” The song is one of his unforgettable songs. “Adios Muchachos” Good “Goodbye Kids” The play is the last play he made before his death.

He is the king of tango and an important musician who was instrumental in creating tango as it is today.

In the meantime, Carlo GardelChile’s great poet who created a new poetic language by breaking the traditional patterns of Spanish poetry while speaking in the compositions of.

Pablo NerudaIt would be impossible not to remember the uncle.

as known Neruda A poet who not only writes love poems, but also politics… Nerudawith the influence of the atmosphere of the Spanish Civil War, “an impure poem” as intended. The poet defines his new poetics as follows: “A sweat-drenched, smoke-drenched poem that smells of lilies and piss, within the law, beyond the law that commerce seeks to crush; a complex poem like our suitcases, with soap stains like our clothes; like our shameful deeds, like our eyes, like our pedantry, like our grudges, our love, like our narratives, like political ties, defiance, doubts, like our words, like animals, like decisions, like taxes, a filthy impure poetry ; a perfect poem riveted at the end by the dove’s claw; A poem with traces of ice, traces of teeth, slightly bitten by our sweat, perhaps by our habits that carry the sublime desire to touch, the bad taste of things.”

As a poet who wrote battle and love poems, he occupies an important place in world poetry. Nerudafrom “the saddest poem”What, Gardel‘from “Por Una Cabeza” I’m sure reading it along with the song will do your heart good.

I can write the saddest poem tonight

For example, I can write; “The night is full of stars

and the stars flicker far away blue’

The night wind sings and blows.

I can write the saddest poem tonight…

I loved him, he loved me too

On nights like this I hugged myself with my arms

I kissed him many times under the endless sky


Someone is singing in the distance. So far away…

My soul is lost without her…

My eyes seek him as if to bring him back, my heart beats for him.

And he’s not with me…/

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