Zerrin Tekindor’s one-man play TOZ will continue to be on display for those who can find a seat

I hardly found an invitation card and left. I’m not alone either, I went with a theatrical knowledgeable friend whose opinion I value so we can discuss before I write, just to be able to write the right impression, not just my personal opinion.


Murat Mahmutyazıcıoğlu’s play is undoubtedly a good text, but it is a bit dated. A woman’s story. Handan, her mother, grandmother, aunt, daughter. I know them all. My wife, myself too, takes place in the times I live in and I have experienced or seen many of them. So I swallowed the dust of life so much! It tells me nothing new. Director: Hira Tekindor. Played by Zerrin Tekindor. A person. Zerrin Tekindor is a great artist, her performance, beauty, attitude, paintings and everything I admire. I think the only criticism I have is, oh motherhood, she admires her son, trusts him a lot, whether as an artist or as a son. He surrenders in plays directed by Hira Tekindor. Hira also admires her mother. You lean on him in game. Finally a radio theater appeared! When we were kids we used to listen to this big radio on Thursday nights, we loved it. But at least there would be a few people, you would close your eyes and dream.

It’s like there is no decor here. It doesn’t matter anyway. There’s a chair. Ms. Zerrin comes and sits down and perfectly explains all possible emotional transitions. She becomes a handan, a grandmother, a mother, an aunt, a daughter. The woman next to him on a subway. I’m far away, I can’t see your facial expressions, I can hear your voice. It doesn’t even get up. What if it’s already there? “Who killed my father?” When you say you passed out, Onur Ünsal has traveled back and forth between time and space! Handan rides the subway, but you’ll dream about it, too. She sits motionless on her chair, next to her you can see the woman who comes from cleaning because she changed the accent… She was a child, became a young girl, got married, business woman, mother, it’s over.

Everyone (especially the women) gave a standing ovation to Handan, who finally lived to see her mother’s fate. Whether you are beautiful or educated, if you are a woman this is your end, you will be deceived, you will be alone, you will definitely be beaten in some part of your life. Familiar story, I dusted off our memories. If someone says that my husband never cheated on me, he did not raise his hand or voice, and my mother was very happy, please write. I applaud Zerrin Tekindor’s performance, but it has a but. You said the text was good? Yes, but that’s up to the director. Dust is in Zorlu PSM at the moment, but it is everywhere because there is no decoration. Don’t look at me, the crowd likes it, check it out if you can find a seat!

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