5 years imprisonment for musician Mustafa Alpagut, who published private photos of his ex-girlfriend

According to the news in Sabah, the lawsuit, which was filed on the grounds that businessman and musician Mustafa Alpagut had disclosed his ex-girlfriend’s private pictures, carries a sentence of up to 5 years in prison for the crime of disclosing images and sounds in connection with this requested privacy.


Mustafa Alpagut and Sevda K. were together for 6.5 years. The couple split when they couldn’t resolve their issues. When the couple split up, Alpagut allegedly started making baseless accusations and insulting Sevda K. with the intention of causing material and moral harm. After a while, special pictures of Sevda K. were sent from an Instagram account to Sevda K.’s girlfriend. Sevda K., on the other hand, stated that these photos were only in Mustafa Alpagut and filed a complaint with the Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Mustafa Alpagut, whose testimony was taken, said that he met Sevda K. 6-7 years ago when he had a massage, and then their relationship developed and they were together. Mustafa Alpagut, who said Sevda K. made false accusations against him, said he did not share photos with anyone. The businessman explained that he had the photos taken and took them with Sevda K.’s permission: “The allegations that I shared the photos she sent me and made false accusations are unfounded. I took her photos without her knowledge but with her permission. I have not shared these photos with anyone.”


The prosecutor’s indictment was being prepared, according to which the suspect Mustafa Alpagut posted the unannounced photos of Sevda K. taken in her bedroom on Instagram and issued a statement in order to eliminate the crime. The famous businessman, who has been sentenced to up to 5 years in prison for the crimes “disclosure of images and sounds related to private life” and “insult with a voice, written or video message”, will appear before the judge in Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance in the coming days.

5 years imprisonment for musician Mustafa Alpagut, who published private photos of his ex-girlfriend

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