Adriana Lima and Andre Lemmers reveal the gender of their baby

Former top model Adriana Lima had a new love affair with producer Andre Lemmers 7 months ago. When she shared the good news on her social media account last February that she was expecting a third child, the gender of Lima’s baby was revealed.

Lima threw a sex party with Lemmers. Adriana Lima, who was in front of the camera with her children Valentina, Sienna and her lover, published the video captured at that moment on her social media account.

The happiness of the famous couple, who learned that they will have a baby boy together, was reflected in such lenses. Adriana Lima’s post quickly received likes and comments from her fans.


On the other hand, Lima posed for the lens for the first time at a party she attended last month. Adriana Lima also reflected the excitement of motherhood with her cheerful nature.


Adriana Lima, 40, who has two daughters, Valentina and Sienna, from her marriage to ex-wife Marco Jaric, announced the happy news from her Tiktok account.

Lima, who went down in history as one of the longest-serving models on the Victoria’s Secret podium and bid a tearful farewell to her audience at her latest runway show, held the pregnancy test in her hand bare-faced for the camera -upstairs in the Video. The word “pregnant” appeared in the test.


Lima appeared on the red carpet for the first time with producer Andre Lemmers at the 78th Venice Film Festival last September.

It was claimed that Lima, who was notorious for gaining weight at the time, was pregnant. There have been rumors that Adriana Lima might be ‘pregnant’ as the excesses in her abdomen are recovering. However, the famous model remained silent about the news about her.

Adriana Lima and André Lemmers

Adriana Lima and André Lemmers


Lima has long been talked about about her love affairs with Turkish writer Metin Hara and businessman Emir Uyar in recent years.

Metin Hara and Emir Uyar

Metin Hara and Emir Uyar

Former supermodel Adriana Lima has two daughters from her marriage to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric in 2009. However, their marriage didn’t last long. It was then that the couple parted ways after Jaric Lima cheated.

Adriana Lima and her ex-wife Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima and her ex-wife Marko Jaric

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