Books you should read to understand Turkey’s recent history

As a full-fledged war, World War II turned the entire world and every aspect of life upside down. Ilhan Tekeli and Selim İlkin address the military side of the subject in the first volume of their work, which analyzes how this massive upheaval in Turkey came about.

In the second volume of their work, İlhan Tekeli and Selim İlkin examine the economic side of the Turkish adventure in World War II. The measures taken, the famines, the cost of living, corruption, queues, consumption restrictions, rationing practices, new regulations in the labor regime … Developments in foreign trade and industrial production … A study focused on this particular period that left in the following decades traces in the Turkish economy.

In the third volume of their study of Turkey in World War II, İlhan Tekeli and Selim İlkin examine Turkey’s preparations for the post-war period. Education reforms, a 10-year health program, new institutionalizations in agriculture and the Farmer’s Landing Law, accelerated investments in industrialization, road, water, electricity and port infrastructure, reorganization of the labor regime, changes in the tax system and preparations for the transition to a multi-party regime have brought about a comprehensive change. We see how WWII changed Turkey even if it was left out. A broad panorama of the preparatory work for the great wave of modernization in the 1950s and beyond…

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