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Dear participant;

The mayor of the metropolis, Tunç Soyer, promised in his election program that “Izmir will be a cosmopolitan city in which prosperity will develop and this prosperity will be distributed fairly across the province”. Seven strategic goals and objectives have been set to move closer to President Tunç Soyer’s vision, which is favored by the majority of the public.

The items under each strategic goal are designed to be compatible with the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This ensures that Izmir, on the one hand, fulfills its own local priorities and, on the other hand, acts in accordance with world norms.

In terms of participation, which is one of the most important elements of the process, we attach great importance to your project proposals. Project; It can be defined as scholarly, original, aesthetic, and applicable work that aims to bring about change in local government services, has interrelated goals and objectives, and results in the benefit of the public. We encourage you to share with us your projects that fit this description and contribute to the planning process.

You can send us your requests, complaints or suggestions outside the project more quickly via the Hemşehri Communication Center.

Our project proposal mask will remain open until July 21, 2019.

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