He ended his 9-year marriage! MasterChef Danilo’s cuddle poses with his new love appeared

master chef the jury of the competition Danilo ZannaDivorced in a single session last year from his wife Tuğçe Demirbilek, with whom he was 9 years old. As a result of hearing the divorce case filed by the Italian boss, which lasted about 20 minutes, the parties were mutually divorced in a single session.

Italian boss Zanna’s lawyer Altın Mimir, who issued a statement after the hearing, said: “The parties have one child together. They divorced by mutual consent.

His private life has been a topic of interest for some time. Danilo ZannaSnob to pose with his new girlfriend magazine reached. According to Snob Magazine special news; It was found out that the name of Zanna’s new lover is Eda Alkaya.

Divorced from his wife, Danilo Zanna's new love appeared

Celebrates its 40th anniversary with a great party, Danilo ZannaIt turned out that he was accompanied by his girlfriend Eda Alkaya. Italian chef Danilo ZannaThose who see these poses Danilo ZannaDid he end his 9-year marriage because of Eda Alkaya?” He began searching for an answer to the question. Danilo ZannaIt was a matter of curiosity what statement would be made after the declaration of love.

Divorced from his wife, Danilo Zanna's new love appeared

Born into a family of cooks in the city of Prato. Danilo ZannaHe was born on April 15, 1982. After meeting his wife Tuğçe Demirbilek TurkeyZanna decided to settle down and opened a restaurant for herself. He started working as a conductor in Zahide Yetiş’ program. Danilo Zannalater made a name for himself with a show called The Italian Job.

Divorced from his wife, Danilo Zanna's new love appeared

Danilo ZannaHe has participated in many projects such as Derya’s World, Italian Job, Elin Son, Time for Love, Good Idea, Goremce, Song of Taste, Taste Academy. also has a YouTube account Danilo ZannaHe shares the entertaining videos he has recorded. Danilo ZannaHe was a judge in the MasterChef Turkey competition for three seasons.

Italian chef of the MasterChef Turkey competition Danilo ZannaDivorced from his 9-year-old wife Tuğçe Demirbilek in December 2021. Danilo ZannaFrom this marriage he has a son named Zeno Tibet.

Divorced from his wife, Danilo Zanna's new love appeared

Eda Alkaya, who allegedly had a love affair with Danilo Zanna, one of the judges of the MasterChef competition, became a social media agenda. There is not much information about Alkaya whose social media account is hidden. It is estimated that Eda Alkaya is a university student.

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